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Special Moves (Strategical Actions) - Colony Wars

H3110 commanders!

It's just something that allows you to deploy strategical weapons or moves.

Airport (UE/LIS)
  • Paratrooper
    Once confirmed airdrop position, a plane will be dispatched immediately to the spot. The plane must not be destroyed before paradrop.
    Paratroopers are tougher than ordinary infantries.
    Limited range.
  • Deploy Medpack
    Similar to paratroopers action, but it deploys a healing station to heal nearby units without the need of medics. The healing station operates for a few seconds and it'll disappear.
  • Airstrike
    Jet Drones carrying heavy machine guns will be dispatched to the position and fire bullets to anything they see. Once the drones have attacked they return to the base.
    Jet Drones are nimble but can get easily taken down by anti-air fortifications.
  • Strategical Bombing
    Unlocked at tier 2 tech.
    A Heavy Jet Drone will be dispatched to the position and drop deadly bombs at the spot.
    Heavy Jet Drones are highly armored but slow. Can withstand Anti-air Gatling fire but it's hard to say if they encounter a A.A. Flak or A.A. Missile.
  • Stealth Bombing
    Unlocked at tier 3 tech.
    A Stealth Jet will dispatch and drop heavy bombs at the spot.
    They can only be noticed when they are in sensing range of Sensor Arrays and Anti-stealth Radar Trucks.

Missile Silo (UE/LIS)
  • Missile
    Well, won't need me to explain? A missile to bombard your foes.
    Missiles can be only be intercepted by Anti-Air Missile Launchers (only when are armed with missile interceptors, with ammo ready)
  • EMP Missile
    Give your foes some shocks that can stun and deactivate units and structures!
  • Technical Nuke
    MASS WEAPON OF DESTRUCTION! Want to see how the things wipe out in an instant?
    Extremely expensive.
    Beware of Anti-Air Missiles, they can ruin your nuke attacks if they are prepared.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I would like to add to that, if you hadn't already somewhere else.
Make it so that you can only use the above effects if you have a special building, perhaps an airfield/ airport, and the target is in the range of said building.
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I love a lot of these ideas. Has anyone here played creepers world before? In creepers world 3 a lot of what's listed here they use. It would be very nice to see something similar
Colony Wars
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