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Feedback for Zolarg 0.9.8 buildings

Dear Bast,

There are some inputs and suggestions we would like to share with you with regards to Zolargs buildings post-0.9.8 :

1. Import/Export buildings : Zolarg can import/export resources in batches of 1000 per click only with Customs Processing.
It is way too low and too many clickfest to import/export, when compared to human's 1mil per batch, and even to Draco's new galactic stargate at 50k per batch. As such, hope you can provide us a means to impor/export in higher batch, preferably at least 500k or 1mil per click to be equal with humans?

2. Diamond and Software import/export : Zolarg can not currently import Diamond and Software, would you please add these 2 resources for import/export?

3. Labor Camp. It is a crucial new building we got in 0.9.8, however it produces resources in the following ratio = Sugar : Wood : Ore : Gold : Clay = 3 : 2 : 1 : 1 : 1.
We already have very sufficient Sugar production in Quantum Sugar Cloner, but we are still in greater need of the other 4 resources that Labor Camp produces. For a building that takes huge amount of workers to operate, can it be modified as follows :
- Reduce or remove altogether Sugar production from Labor Camp
- As a tradeoff, increase the ratio of the other resources produced, especially Ore which we need greatly.

4. Might be suggested before, but is it possible to consider reducing the power requirement for Unholy Uranium Generator? It takes 1200 power (which is significant for a zolarg building) to produce just okay amount of uranium.

Hope you can consider these feedbacks for the coming patches. Thank you beforehand.

In fairness, the labor camp is obtainable long before the quantum sugar cloner, so having it make a decent amount of sugar makes sense, but I can understand your qualms with that. I think more ore and gold production for it would be better, maybe 1:2:2:2:1 in the order you listed? it's not actually producing any more or less resources, just different ones.
Agree with the import/export on both points. The last one I can understand, but now that they have much better power producers, it's not as necessary.
I confirm that Labor Camp is unlocked earlier than Quantum Sugar Cloner, but it is also much more expensive to build, so it takes quite a lot more materials to build multiples of. By the time the colony can start spam building a few of them, Quantum Sugar Cloner should already be unlocked, and the sugar production of Labor Camp will be made insignificant by only a few Cloners. Therefore I would like to have its Ore production (as Zolarg has lacking ore production outside from Labor Camp) and maybe Wood increased in ratio, and Sugar reduced in ratio. Gold we have enough endgame from the new Gold producer. It is really a reasonable tweak for such a labor-intensive and endgame building.

Power production I agree it is easier now, but multiple region maps of Unholy Uranium will be mostly confined to Zolarg players in abandoned world for access to Ether Powertube. It is too risky to maintain enough Ether for other worlds as an unforeseen shortage of Ether will decimate the whole colony due to power shutting down.
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