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malakhglitch said:Behind having researched all non-independence technologies? Self-sufficiency. If you cannot be self-sufficient then you are not ready to go at it alone.

I agree on being self sufficient, but it's not a requirement for Independence. In any case being independent makes it easier to be self sufficient because you don't have to pay taxes and you don't belong to a CW who sends you stuff.

How do you see this? (To be clear I'm not criticizing just a healthy debate)
Mechanics-wise you are both correct. You don't need to have researched all the non-independence technologies to be self-sufficient or declare independence. It's merely my playing style to think in terms of being able to supply my charter colonies anything they need even Triantanium.

If you note in my sig I have 4 colonies I am currently playing (thinking of adding a 5th) and if make Ix independent then I will be moving the other three to its charter.
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Its very good you have your own playing style and firm conviction! Keep it that way.
I went indepent in 22 days. But I also believe in mass production of all resources so I can advance quickly. When I declared independence I was setup pretty good. I believe I had about 8k population. And have done well for myself since. The only pro lam I have had is aluminum but I have always been able to sell off excess resources to buy what I need and maintain a slow but steady aluminum income and slowly have been improving that income soon I will no longer need to buy it.
I have reached yet another milestone; 10,000+ colonists.

Also, finally got enough resources to do a major face lift on my colony and added a 5th colony (Callopee - LIS asteroid).

Now if only my colonists were smart enough to actually stay in the subterranean housing module closest to their work instead of the neighboring one I would be happy.
Commonwealth of Groddle
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hahaha yes that´s a common problem.
I'm still confused as to why you would not declare independence. Are you getting lots of financial support or resources from the person whose charter you are on? If not then declaring independence means you save loads of money on taxes.

Not criticizing, just confused.
It's his way to play the game. Like some want to play with no help from others, others won't play if they don't get payroll assistance and starter package. Others wouldn't play if there weren't such a thing as the gbt. And you have a group of ppl that only have fun if they can play extreme and have millions of population and have every building 50 or 100 times.
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