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Add the potential for corruption, that uses up valuable resources and time in your colony.

This would go with Crime and law Enforcement. Depending on how crime works, this would tie in. If there isnt enough law enforcement or security/oversight, government politicians will become corrupt.
Corruption will:
  • Drain resources, first rum, then money, then other random resources.
  • Likelihood of corruption increases with number of politicians
  • May also increase production of trash and decrease general happiness and amount of people working (inefficiency)

Corruption can be stopped with enough security and police in proportion to population

Please comment below for suggestions

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Another way to REDUCE corruption instantly is REFORMING GOVERNMENT policy, which will need some civics and money.
Just idea here :D
I have suggested similar things before but I like yours more because it’s more detailed.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
BTW, speaking of security, I have an old post about it :p
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
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