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GBT Alien Artifacts

#1 2019-11-26 16:39:02
I tried to make a trade for Alien Artifacts (selling), actually a lot of them. I tried to desperately undercut competition due to my alarming losses in cash (I am logging off real soon to prevent economic disaster).

My bids came in at a higher per cost than the leader. I had tried to place some at 100,000 an artifact and some at 200,000 an artifact. Since they are going for almost 700,000 each this was seen as a way to dramatically and drastically undercut competition and spur people to buy buy buy buy while I am having an 'economic blow out sale'. I need at least a billion cash to survive, the market seems bust, I cannot sell there and I know it is going to end my game.
#2 2019-11-27 10:50:39
For resources with too many orders present, the GBT will not show you all the existing orders, only part of it. As such, you will not see the orders that are actually lower than yours.

Not to mention, alien artifacts lose value in endgame due to very high production of Center for Relic Studies.
#3 2019-11-27 12:03:39
Alien Artifacts are a strange resource. In the early stage of the game, is very very hard to make, with a very low production. For this reason the base price is high.

But.. once you start to make the Center for Relic Studies, like MizarAlcor say.. the game value become 0.

In in the early game stage, player only need few a few hundreds or thousands maximum, no one will buy 100k, 200k or 700k. In late game, Alien Artifact will easy cap any storage value without any problem, since we don't consume much, but we need the Relic Studies for aluminium production.

And the autotrade will saturated the GBT..

Pluss some player just gift bilion and bilion AA at the first one who ask.. better try to sell other resources.. if you wanna cash fast, like plastic, uranium, brick, pottery.. ecc
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