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#1 2019-12-19 05:33:46
H3110 guys!

For long, I have seen many people argued about the logics of the terraforming system.
Especially the atmosphere based terraforming logic. That does not really terraform the planet by simply dumping some atmosphere in. Meanwhile air pollutants should not be counted as 'atmosphere suitable for terraforming' - nobody wants to breathe in a dirty atmosphere! In addition, the game seems not classifying the unbreathable extraterrestrial gas and breathables...

So here, I'll introduce my new terraforming gameplay ideas to make it logical, more reasonable, and challenging!

If you have ideas too, feel free to comment below :3

My first batch of ideas will be posted in the comments soon!
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#2 2019-12-20 04:30:26
H3110 guys! Here comes my ideas, as promised!

Instead of calculating terraforming using atmosphere production only, the terrafroming is now determined by multiple aspects.
  • Atmospheric pressure
    Gas pressure can be deadly. Too much pressure you'll be squashed, too little pressure your body bursts. So maintaining a good pressure of atmosphere is crucial.
    Atmospheric pressure is calculated in KG, sum of all types of atmospheric gas. Each race requires a different liveable pressure range.
  • Atmosphere type
    Like humans needs OXYGEN, you'll need to turn the atmosphere breathable for your colonists to breathe.
    Atmosphere may compose of different types of gases:
    • Breathable gases
      The key type of gas to a successful terraforming.
    • Unbreathable gases
      Harmless, but you don't want it because it is useless.
    • Alien toxic gases
      Make sure it's amount is always below 2.5% of total gas amount. Otherwise people without pressure suits (policy) can die quickly. Some industries or terrain features may produce them.
    • Pollutants
      Gases produced by industries. reaching over 10% may cause health crisis.
    • Greenhouse gases
      You will need lots of them if your planet has no gas - They can reduce normal planet heat loss. However too much your planet will become a big oven. You know the rest.
    Each type of gases is first calculated in KG and then converted into percentage.
  • Planetary heat
    No heat, no life. Heat is the energy you'll need to terraform the planet.
    Factors of heat gain:
    • Industries
      Your major heat supplier.
    • Heating facilities
      Secondary heat suppliers, but one can be way efficient than a single industrial building.
    Factors of heat loss:
    • Natural heat loss
      Over time your planet will loss heat by itself.
    • Greenhouse gases
      Greenhouse gases can reduce normal heat loss of the planet.
    • Cooling facilities
      Manual cooling facilities.
    • Industries
      Some of the crystalline-related productions will absorb heat.
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!
#3 2019-12-25 21:07:31
I like the ideas you presented, but I feel like this would make the game almost unplayable, at least the part with the different gases.
On one hand you would need to balance all the gases you produce and consume while watching out for the health of the population that is now different with the 1.0.0 release. I imagine Lava World being totally unplayable, since the deadly gases would kill colonist almost instantly without any suits. Without completly terraforming the map first I wouldn't risk making them strip down that neat space suit. Well, the vulcanic eruptions will probably kill them anyway.
On the other hand the heat system you presented is something that I would really enjoy, since it would be logical. Imagine working on a frozen planet and there isn't even a camp fire to warm yourself up, or maybe a desert planet where you work in the blazing sun all day and you can't even get ice cream.
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