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Deleted Consulate - can't access policy options and population doesn't stop increasing

#1 2019-12-27 12:01:45
I have a Problem: I got independet from united earth and I deleted my consualte. I have Capitol Level 6 but there are no Options like work time or fire drill and Things like that. But I cannot build a new consulate. Am I missing something? Where can I use this Options?
And the Population of my Colony is increasing steadily. I only have capacity for 16k but now there are 23k People and it doesnt stop. I turned off Immigration function a Long time ago and the cloning facilities are deactivated but there are more and more People.
Can somebody help? Thank you :-)
#2 2019-12-27 16:08:51
With the last update several policy option are been removed, like the fire drill and drop money. Because we don't have anymore an individual colonist simulation, with personal data (money, worktime, hp, IQ), but a general simulation (read other topic for more info).

Now the population have an aging effect, they die for natural cause, and birth. The population will increase in any case now, even without house slot free.
#3 2019-12-27 18:35:49
Thank you for your answer Ansom, so then there is Nothing wrong with my game *THUMBS UP*
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