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Azca Empire

Join the Azca Empire we are a collection of Warlords, Space Mages And Merchant Princes that are united in expanding are kingdoms,commonwealths and colonies all over the galaxy. For the glory of the empire fight the federation menace. Also give your colony a name are I will not take you in my commonwealth
Another one.
I respect your desire to establish your own commonwealth and not joining the FFF, but why do you have against federations that you need to call it a menace?
Lets just say if this was fallout were the Chinese are Mr house the other option
I don't play fallout. But I get you just want to be against us for the sake of being against us. Good luck with that. NOZ and NUF haven't succeeded. TGF was bigger but doesn't exist anymore.
we will destroy you fff
Thank you Cameron
no problem I'm in the azca empire
Good luck with that, we'll talk again when you have more than 200 registered users on discord and 80 commonwealths plus the players with the largests GDP┬┤s and Population in MyColony.
Its me Lego.
America started small now its bigger than the empire it came from Azca is patient. Empire out
My Colony

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