Hello guys!

This is a list of building ideas which these ideas would sound good (or not) for the game.

Human (UE/LIS)
  • Community Pub
    This place is always a good place for gathering after a tiring day of jobs, serving high quality rum to the guests.

    An updraded version of Pub.
  • Grand Hipster Clubhouse
    For a hipster, what makes a better hipster bar? A larger clubhouse - Where they can party for all day long and enjoy overpriced rum that gotta worthes-every-penny you pay for!

    An upgraded version of Hipster Bar.
  • Gamer’s Club
    A gamer club for e-sport addicts, installed with high-end servers and comfortable facilities.

    Another bandwith-dependent entertainment facility that can be upgraded into Colonimulation centre.
  • Nursery
    Lacking space for rising your child? Nursery will surely take a good care of your child!

    Hopefully able to solve baby problems in large colonies. Mind that it only houses babies. Once they have grown up, these youngsters will leave nursery and seek for regular housing.

  • Royal Jelly Club
    What’s better than a club that serves Royal Jelly cocktail?

    Upgraded version of Gentlebug’s Club.
  • Hall of Hyperthonking Hyperthinking
    When an insectnoid is connected to the mind network, their brain is stimulated to think very quickly that they may be able to understand the Truth of the living beings.

    Can possibly a better education facility. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Brood Academy
    A large academy for young Insectnoids from all hives, learning about the basics being an Insectnoid.

    An even larger Mound of Scholars.
  • Broodie Nursery
    When your hives can’t hold any more young broodlings, you should build a place to rise them.

    Same concept as the human nursery, but it has a large capacity to meet the more enormous needs and extreme reproduction speed...
  • Guild of Royal Guards
    Where the Queen’s royal guards meet and assign daily tasks and roles, maintaining order in the hives. Only real gentlebugs can apply for a Royal Guard job, only criminals will be punished.

    Advanced security structure of Zolarg Empire.