Hello guys!

It’s a miscellaneous feature.
The governance sector of the game would possibly be more intersting if we can hear ‘opinions’ from the colonists.
Well, or in other words, gorssips.
‘gorssip gorssip gorssip gorssip......’

Of course, they also reflects people’s demands.

‘[playername] is a good colony officier, isn’t it?’
‘[playername] step down now! Down down down!’
‘Guess the government is not caring about us.’
‘I could have moved to somewhere better...’
‘What a good place to live!’
‘I wanna live in [colonyName] forever!’
‘What a tragedy.’
‘Do government concerns about these dead people?’
‘*screaming* People are dying!!!’
‘Cough... cough...’
‘Rumours about rum cures sickness... Let me try someday...’
‘The doctors are nice :)’
‘Praise the doctors! They saved another life today.’
‘Kill me already, now you’re saying, no doctors?’
‘Jobs! I need jobs!’
‘Sigh. Another day with no income.’
‘I like this place. Everybody can find a job.
‘I can’t read this letter. What is it talking about?’
‘Knowledge is the power! :D’
‘These skills I acquired from Collage helped me a lot.’
‘Why we have to stray on the cold high streets?’
‘Home sweet home!’
‘Another boring day, what else I can do at home?’
‘Sadness? Depression? Suicide? Suicide.’
‘Hey, check this out, I found some good locations where we can spend our day...’
‘Gangbangers roaming everywhere... I feel unsafe everyday...’
‘My precious! It’s lost!’
‘Now I can sleep without worrying thiefs. Thanks to the officiers!’
‘Cops saves the day again!’
‘You might understand what ‘exhausting’ means. I’m exhausted.’
‘Hell no. Overtime tonight?’

Where to put these gorssips? Maybe the government tab of statistics, or another new tab for it?

So what’s your opinions regarding this?
Comments please!