GeneralWadaling said:
Now that all that is cleared up and I can go on without feeling like I stole his stuff, here we go!

New Laws(?):Here are some new laws that will be enacted on your colony to help with your trying time in this expansive universe.

Act Of Steel: This allows you almost total control of your colony, over even the specific amount of sleep your people get. For the micro-manager only.

Loose-leaf: The person who trusts their colony to run itself. Dosent manage much but allows you to freely build about with little to no opposition. For the relaxed gamer.

Basic Regulations: Its just how it sounds. Not relaxed, but not extreme either. Sounds a bit boring, eh? Well dont be worried. Most colonists get free reign over their day, exept for the mandatory 15 hours of work. Theres that.

Here is the end to my long rant for tonight, unless I get some more I ideas. Thx for reading, and stay tuned!