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More population management policies...

#1 2020-02-12 03:55:49
Hello guys!

Age distribution is always a strategy and key factor of labour supply.
Especially, eventually you’ll need some freshman replacing the retired population, to keep your colony having a stable supply of workers.

That issue was also discussed in discord server :p

Currently the age range of immigrants are usually 20y~30y, and in early game, it’s observable there’s a big blank between age group 5y~20y:

Currently only way to ensure even age group distribution is to take chance enabling immigration when the blank shiftes to the immigration range. If doing this too late, it’ll be hard to maintain the balance.

In discord server, there’re some policy ideas that playes comes with.

@Invincible just suggested about an advanced setting for immigration on NOZ discord - Setting the age range of immigrants.
This will definitely help filling up the age group blanks.
It can be something like, entering a lowest age value and a highest age value, the immigrants would be from those age groups.

Meanwhile, there’re some players troubled by having too much kids in their colony...
I guess those players would like to have ‘birth control policy’. Controlling birth rate will ensure your colony is never overwhelmed by babies.

So, what do you think? Any more ideas you can think of? :D
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#2 2020-02-19 21:00:38
I would like to second the portion about possible birth control.

I know that a steady birthrate is a vital part of a stable and self-sustaining civilization, let alone a colony in a colony sim, but when around a third of your population is 5 years old or younger and incapable of working until the age of 16, that makes advancing in any manner extremely taxing.

This is from my colony of 7 days (15 hours or so of actual gameplay) that is currently sitting at 5005 colonists.
5005 colonists, 3652 jobs, 3158 of them are filled. That leaves almost 1800 babies, and the remainder are either not smart enough for their jobs (Recently added more colleges and research buildings), or just lazy bastards that don't want to work.

I find it less than pleasant to see a population of that size only to find that only a little over half of it is actually useful for maintaining the colony and helping advance it. If I am in desperate need for workers I have to open up immigration or power up the cloning facilities which only partially helps due to the ever increasing needs of having 1800 useless 'colonists'

I am not saying that we should get rid of the babymaking, but either allow us to stop it for a time to have a controlled workforce, or at least slow it down a bit so large populations aren't overrun by their own offspring.
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