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I'm confused about Windows 10 edition of the game...

#1 2020-03-19 18:41:01
So today, I read the update the developer posted bout the Windows 10 edition of the game. I apperantly have the My Colony free version of the game but I still have Premium working and of course purchased. If the developer takes action to switch to paid version only, will my premium access be lost? I really like this game but why purchase again? Please let me know!
#2 2020-03-19 18:53:53
No Premium will not be lost. First, if you already have the free version, you will be able to keep downloading it, it will just become unavailable to new users. No IAP's will be lost. Also, the premium will be tied to your account anyway. So to existing players, it is really no change at all. Hope that helps, @OvershotEagle
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