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comics test

#1 2020-04-03 19:47:34
this is a test topic for the new comic strip reply type
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2020-04-03 19:50:52 First Comic Test
2020-04-03 20:09:07 Comic Test #2
#4 2020-04-03 20:47:29
Creator of Coloniae

#5 2020-04-03 20:48:49
@Sobeirannovaocc coming in a few minutes, lol (hopefully)
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#6 2020-04-03 20:57:17
test of an embedded comic:

lets see what happens
Owner of Ape Apps
#7 2020-04-03 21:04:34
here is another test of embedding:

How to they embed into containers? Will there be tiny little comics?
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