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ASCENSION SERIES - Part 1 - Path of Ascension

Hello guys.

Here we go, the first part of the Ascension Series - This will begin to bring even high-tier contents to the insectoids!

The first part, of course, will introduce the early Ascension era buildings and related techs to access to Ascension.

  • Mystical Enlightment
    Combind the power of Antaura and the knowledge of the Ancients, the new power of the combinition will enlighten your subjects with the mystical knowledge and (probably) help the entire insectoid race to elevate into a new level.

    This paves way to the ascension, as well unlocking more abilities harnessing the power of Antaura, and producing Antaura.

    Required tech:
    • Mysticism
    • Ancient Alien Language
    • Insectoid Mind Network
  • The Ascension
    Being a mortal lord is not enough. Now, with the power and knowledge, the Ascension will elevate the Insectoid race into powerful immortals, as semi-energy entities!

    This will mark a new era for Insectoids.

    Required tech:
    • Insectoid Dominion
    • Mystical Enlightment

  • Temple of the Enlightened
    Be faithed. Be blessed. Be enlightened. The Temple of Enlightment is not just a place to worship the unholy powers, but also enlightens worshippers using knowledge.

    Provides entertainment and (a few) education, produces antaura.
    Serves as an upgrade for the Shrine of Mystics.

    Required tech: Mystical Enlightment
  • Library of Enlightment
    The Library of Enlightment is where the smartest, enlightened scholars work around to seek for knowledge and innovations using Antaura. While requires a steadly stream of Antaura for maintaining its operation, loads of research can produced.

    Research facility.

    Required tech: Mystical Enlightment
  • Petrochamber
    With the enlightment technologies, now we have an advanced way to produce petroleum harnessing the power of Antaura, with less raw ingredients.

    New formula: Antaura + Crystalline + Ant Paste + Obsidian = Oil.
    An upgrade for Insectoid’s Petropit. It’s a spherical chamber.

    Required tech: Mystical Enlightment, Insectoid Oil Production
  • House of Healing
    Having lots of population getting ill? This house of healing will help you dealing with them - with the latest Enlightment technology therapies!

    Medical facility for larger population. Upgrade of the bloodletying station, upgrading will lost entertainment and tourism function.

    Required tech: Mystical Enlightment, Insectoid Regeneration
  • Altar of Ascension
    A rite is being performed here, to concentrate Antaura into the bodies of Insectoids. After a very complicated, unexplainable process, a big change will take place on these insectoids, becoming powerful semi-energy entity of immortals!

    The Alter of Ascension will bring up IQs of Insectoids greatly like Transcendent Academy, and also trains Immortalbugs which is required to build Ascension era buildings. Consumes Antaura.

    Required tech: The Ascension
  • Planetary Antaura Threhold
    This is a device to collect energy around your planetary systems, turning them into massive amount of unholy Antaura.

    Kind of a ultimate Antaura producer, and storage for it.

    Required tech: The Ascension
  • Energy Fountain of Health
    This fountain provides a endless stream of liquified life energy, produced using water, antaura, and rare crystallines. Immortals will need this, and it’s also safe for mortals to use (if they don’t drink too much of it).

    Health facility.

    Required tech: The Ascension, Insectoid Regeneration
  • Skyhive
    Ever imagined the massive hives will fly into the skies instead of buried into the ground? Everything is possible with Ascension, which the mystical powers!

    Required tech: Mega Construction, The Ascension

There’ll be a new worker called Immortalbug to build most Ascension era buildings.
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