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Vehicles glitching - Page 8

I've noticed my vehicle stop building / moving after a user dialog box pops up (paying taxes or paying out salary).
Working really well now with the latest change. Thx 👍.
Sounds more like a workaround than a solution to the root problem 😉, but seems to work for me, even on big maps.
Working very well now.
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I have been having the same issue and it is really annyoing. I am on a Motorola moto Z2 play. Heres the soc and os info
Newholland079 said:I have been having the same issue and it is really annyoing. I am on a Motorola moto Z2 play. Heres the soc and os info
my pictures aren't showing up for me
Windows 8.1 64 bit
My Colony 0.44.0 desktop

Nexus 6P Android 7.1.2
My Colony 0.44.0

Clean install and new colonies on both platforms.

Vehicles are still declining orders. When I instruct them to build anything at all they will move to the location and immediately, most if not all vehicles, will return to their parked location.

Clicking on them and then re-clicking the building they will sometimes return their parked location. It takes two or three attempts to get them to start building.

Never once have I witnessed every single vehicle build on the first attempt.
Confirmed on Android 6.0.1
I have been having this problem as well both with human and Zolarg 'vehicles.'
Commonwealth of Groddle
Groddle | Bell's Pyramid | Glitch

when I start a game on an average card extra large or mega in march mode the rovers refuse to move I may give them several times orders they stay where they go for minerals and once they come back they ' obey more at all

version 0.44.0
window 10
google chrome
bastecklein said:So now if a unit (could be colonist or rover) generates a path order where it's source and destination locations are both off-screen, instead of doing normal path-finding, the unit will just slowly teleport over to the destination after a specific amount of time has passed, based on the distance between the two points and the kind of roads that are on the ground. So that should take load off of the path finder by removing most colonist and non-construction drone path-finding orders.

Generally this wont help when you start a new building construction, since the destination location is more than likely in the center of your view. But if you order a bunch of new roads to be built and then go off and pay attention to something else, the bots will not have to path-find when they move from one road construction site to the next.

I'm having issues with this teleport update. Sometimes it takes insanely long for the bots to teleport, sometimes the dissappear for minutes and then reappear at their starting location, although nothing blocks their path.
Just now I waited nearly 20 minutes for the bots to reappear at their destination.
Before v0.44.0 I didn't experience any rover-related bugs.

So I just noticed the bots don't actually dissappear, they just turn invisible. Maybe it's got something to do with that.

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