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Suggestions for the Voxel Paint!

Hello guys!

Very recently Bast released an app called Voxel Paint. Try this on!

Generally it is awesome, but here are my further suggestions.

  • Shifting the model
    Just in case you have placed the model in a wrong way, you can adjust the model placement using the shifting function.
  • Drag-&-Fill tool
    Just a simple tool for filling the gaps in an easier way.
  • Curser tool
    If you don't want accidentally editing your models...
  • Rotate
    Model facing a wrong direction? No worries! This will fix 'em!

Hopefully these tools will be helpful.
Thanks for reading!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Thanks for the suggestions @GeneralWadaling , I know I still have work to do!

BTW in the meantime you can fill in or erase blocks faster by holding down the "Shift" key and dragging. But yes, I will add more tools to the app!
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
Moved this to the new Voxel Paint section.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC

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