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(Suggestion) Game Structure

Hey! This is a small and later game mechanic. If we were to have something similar to federations again, I think it would be very interesting to have a ranking structure within it.

Leader of the fed and a few other roles or ranks you can assign other members. But don't make them inactive titles. Each rank can let that player do a specific action inside their fed in accordance with their rank given.

Commonwealths were a thing again really dive into that structure somewhat also. Small suggestion not really important right now for early development but thought I'd throw that in there.

Ranking system that players can be assigned and have those ranks actually have a function would make mc2 pretty cool I think.
What would be such specific actions? Would a fed be intra-server or inter-server?

I don't know if in-game federations would be relevant in MC2, because a server is already like a Commonwealth (maybe even completely shared resources), so you players join a fed independently of their server? Or would the entire server join a fed? As the servers are decentralized, the latter would be rather hard to do.

The analogy we could make is:

MC 1MC 2
CityChunk ?
CommonwealthPlanet (one whole server)
In-game FederationCommunity-made (not in game) cross-server trade agreements

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Not entirely sure since there will be different optimizations for mc2. I know it'd be harder. It just feels like in mc1 the feds were never completed, and are almost pointless except for bragging rights.

Just throwing out some small ideas out there long road before those even would take place. But yea with the decentralized server system I get that'd be more difficult unfortunately
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