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Potential Colonist Voxels

#1 2020-06-28 18:08:13
Realizing there is a need to figure out the size of a colonist for MC2, I have created a few mockups of potential colonists.

First is obviously a guy in a space suit. Here is a character in an atmosphere condition:

This is kind of the model I started out with before adding hair

Anyway, suggestions are welcome, nothing is final (as always). The colonist voxel is 7 blocks tall and his "feet" make up a 4x2 base.

Let me know what you think. Obviously not every building necessarily has to be to scale with the colonist. Consider MC1 the colonists are basically giant compared to the buildings. Otherwise a colonist in MC2 would probably be 2 blocks tall and not look like anything.
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#2 2020-06-28 22:28:08
Just messing around with the .vpp loader tool
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