I've noticed that a lot of you have talked about having cliffs and height differences in MC2. I think that's a good idea, but I also think that you should have the ability to create your own cliffs and mountains using a new resource called Earth (E). There are two ways to do this: First, use "bulldozer" or "backhoe" units to dig out existing ground and move it somewhere else, or create new soil in high tech mixing facilities to create more earth. I've added some building designs for earth production, even though MC2 will probably utilize different graphics.


Well, my scanner's broken, so I'll just list the buildings:

The mulch box: A basic 1*1 bin that uses bacteria to decompose food into soil.
On no-atmosphere planets, the mulch box will look different and have a metal covering around it to keep in oxygen. (Or maybe the bacteria could be anaerobic.) Supported civs: UE, LIS

A soil production facility: A 2*2 structure which combines food, water, bacteria, and ore in giant tanks and supercharges the bacteria with Rum. The input/output ratio for this building is much more efficient than the mulch box. Supported civs: UE, LIS

Quantum dirt synthesizer: It's amazing that ancient alien tech would be harnessed to do something as mundane as creating earth, but it has. This large 2*3 building combines Ant Paste and other stuff using the power of Software, Robots, and Artifacts to create massive amounts of new ground for the planet. Also produces research as the robots are constantly scanning the produced earth to make it more "real." Supported civs: UE, LIS

Chewing Pits: The Insectoid equivalent of the Mulch Box. Here, in this 2*2 pit, Insectoids gather to mine raw Ore and chew it, converting it into soil using their caustic mouth enzymes. However, it's difficult to find working-class Insectoids who can cope with the nasty flavor of plain Ore, so sugar is added to make it more palatable. Part of a complete breakfast. Supported civs: Zolarag Empire

Unholy chewing pits: Just a place where Insectoids are chewing sweetened Ore faster than the speed of light under the influence of Antaura. If you ever go in and see how fast the Insectoids are chewing, you'll think "No wonder the Zolarags banned Antaura. It really is unholy." Supported civs: Zolarag Empire

Teleporter Redirection Module: Of course, Reptilians could easily produce technology capable of creating synthetic soil, but their laziness created the Teleporter Redirection Module instead. Some planets out there are incapable of producing new earth due to insufficient resources, so their parent colonies send them envoys of soil through their star gates. However, recent studies have shown that up to 60% of all soil transports in the galaxy have been redirected to the Reptilians, so it's a win-win for them. Supporting civs: Alpha Draconis

So there are 6 new buildings for the banal task of soil production!