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My Empire suggestions, it's another ones

#1 2020-07-23 14:00:45
Hello guys.

Some more suggestions for My Empire.

Terrain - Hills
Hills, unlike mountains. They would provide some production that can be further enhanced until a mine is built onto. Also where you'll find important minerals. Alternatively, build an irrigation for some food source.
Besides, it is a passable terrain, and it is also a good defense position. Just you'll need extra movement cost if you decide to march through the rugged hills.

Terrain - Forests
Where you'll find some delicious forest berries, meaty animals and lots of lumber. A source of both food and production.
If you wish to build anything onto it, you must chop down the forest first. Can be later re-planted.
In combats, there are also some advantages. The cover provide by the trees will keep soldiers slightly protected, but also a place that needs extra efforts to get through.

Terrain - Oasis
Feeling the desert is too dry? An oasis helps. The oasis will gift people with water and sweet palm fruits.

Natural wonders?
Natural wonders are special terrain that are more resource potent or yields something that normal terrain won't yield - research or culture.
Maybe volcanos and reefs (notably Great Barrier Reef)?

Hopefully these suggestions can help improving the game!
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#2 2020-07-23 21:52:12
Thanks for the tree models @GeneralWadaling you can see them on this picture. You are reading my mind with the natural wonders too, I think we are pretty much on the same page for this game, lol. Here is a game with the new trees, city walls, and a couple of wonders showing on the main map.

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