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There shuold be a support button in the game and you could write whatever you want added in there.

The idea behind this is so more people can give suggestions.

You might be saying "what about the forum, you dumbhead" and I would say "some kids' parents don't allow them to go on a forum."

You might now be saying "what if they spam all over the place" and I would say "put a spam detector in there! There are spam detectors all over games like M*n*cr*ft S*rv*rs and R*bl*x and..."

This is a really good idea becuase more suggestions would make the game better for everyone.

I know the feeling when you have a bug to report and your parents don't let you sign up for the forum...

You now might be saying "It's not like the only people playing the game are 7-year olds!" But then I would say "But its not like the only people playing the game are teenagers!"

Now, you might be saying "It's not like 7-year olds know how to make suggestions," but trust me, most of know. You don't know that becuase no other game has ingame suggestions.

And now you might be worrying "what if bastecklein doesn't have enough time to look through the suggestions" and I would say "its not like the suggestions expire in one day; bast has all the time he needs to look at all of time."

And now you would say "but bastecklein only wants suggestions with artwork" and there could be an in game uploading artwork system.

And now you would say "Why would suggestions help the game" and I would say "Why is there a suggestions section in the forum, then?"

Now you might be saying "Why do you keep repeating this format of me saying something and you responding" and I would say "vote yes on the poll!"
5y ago
Today the finishing touches are going into My Colony v1.2.0 and the patch should be hitting all platforms and app stores over the coming days. Although this is v1.2.0, it's really more like v1.0.0 Part 3, as it mainly features more cleanup from the fallout of the major engine changes introduced in the v1.0.0 patch. It is my hope that, with this patch, the engine changes are mostly stabilized and I can finally move on to some more interesting updates. That said, there are also some new structures and features coming along for the ride in this patch, so let's take a look at what is new!

Firstly, more engine tweaks have been made in regards to health, medical, and the colonist lifecycle. In addition to other minor tweaks, colonists will now enter the workforce at an earlier age (14) and retire at a later age (75 I think). Retired colonists will now start dying off at a faster rate too.

The University has been buffed a bit, and it now has a student capacity of 6,500.

In this update, I have now added the ability for players to fine-tune their industrial capacity on a per-building level. If you open the building stats window on a structure that has workers, you will see two new slider control bars.

The Production Priority slider will let you control which buildings fill up with workers first. This setting has been requested for a long time, and now it's a reality. The higher you set this, the higher this building will be prioritized against other worksites. Keep in mind that there are still other factors which are considered, including distance, building condition, and eventually crime (more on that later). However, the Production Priority setting is the #1 factor when colonists are being assigned jobs by the engine (unless the jobsite is simply out of range).

In addition, the new Employment Capacity slider is useful for when you want a worksite to be up and operational, but you want to free up some of the labor to work in other buildings. For example, if a building takes 50 workers and you set the slider at around 50%, then only 25 of the jobs will be filled. The total output of a building depends on how many workers it has, but when you are trying to prioritize your production in specific ways, this new control setting should come in handy.

Finally, three new structures have been added in this release, the Medium Hospital, Transcendent Medical Clinic, and the Large Stadium. All three are upgrades to existing buildings, and offer increased capacity and efficiency.

Next I want to take a moment to welcome all of the new players to My Colony! The game has seen an increase in downloads over the last few weeks, so I just want to welcome all of the new players to the game, and to the My Colony community! If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports, this forum is a great place for all of that. Our community is not huge, but there are a lot of experienced players here who are always willing to provide help and answers to your questions. And a large percentage of the content and features in this game have come directly from community feedback and suggestions, people just like you posting something they wanted to see added to the game. So feel free to bounce your ideas and suggestions off in the suggestions forum!

And finally, the next two updates are going to feature Crime and Mass Transit. I don't know which one will come first, but those are the next two. The Crime update will feature various Police Station and Prison type structures, and crimes will be committed in areas of low land value and low IQ. The Mass Transit will be in the form of a train station with rail, and will allow people to work in buildings that are normally outside of their regular range. When used in region mode, the Mass Transit will also allow workers to live and work in different cities. Eventually the Mass Transit will include an underground subway system, but probably not right away, as it will be more work to implement an entire subterranean layer to the game.

I am also going to be adding a way to "return" existing buildings to your building queue. This is sort of like the current "move" feature, except the building just goes away and there will be a number on the construction sidebar indicating that there is a building of that typed queued up for move. Then, you will be able to place those buildings again, without construction time or cost. You will only be able to do this on buildings that are able to be moved, non-resource drop off points.

So anyway, that's all for today's update. Hope you enjoyed it, hope you all had a Happy New Year, and stay tuned for more!
4y ago
I'm playing my colony for at least one year now, and in that time, many major updates came to the game, such as lighting effect and day-night cycles. I really like that update, but lighting effects have a very high impact on the game performance on android devices, and maybe (not tested) also on iOS. On my laptop this problem does not really show up, except that the laptop has to do large calculations (which it usually did when playing my colony). I tried other engine settings that could speed up performance, but they all have no (or just a little bit) impact on the game. Unfortunately, I had to disable the lighting feature and switched to day only mode because that was the only way to get rid of the problem.

I already have some suggestions how this could be fixed (I suggest not to read this if you're no software developer):
The amount of light could be stored for every tile, then render each tile with specific brightness. This could speed up game performance, but removes detail. Colored light is still supported, and light simulations can be done more accurately in less performance (think of minecraft lighting). Another problem is that this game is a web app (as far as I know), and web apps are low performance because code is not compiled. Switching completely to native java on android could fix many performance problems. This requires a lot of work, but makes android devices perform better. I also suggest switching to WebGL (as far as I know, this isn't currently implemented), on webviews and browsers that have support for it. This does rendering calculations using a GPU, which is especially made for that task. Android does have similar APIs for it as well. And as a web developer, I know this is a very complex task, since OpenGL is complex itself.

Combining those three suggestions together, the lighting problem could be solved.

Does someone have other suggestions, and is the lighting performance problem ever going to be fixed?
5y ago
In this earth shattering edition of the My Colony Podcast, Brandon was attempting to do a My Colony livestream and got hit with a copyright complaint! He instead goes over suggestions from the My Colony forums.

What's that you say, you haven't downloaded My Colony yet? Well what are you waiting for? It's available on every device. Find download links here:

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3y ago
If any of you have ever peeked at the source code of My Colony or many of my other games, you might notice a common script in all of them called scroll2d.js. Back in 2013, I thought it would be neat to create a web browser based game engine that could be used to render and manipulate 2d tile maps in either normal or isometric mode. Scroll2d is the engine I came up with, and My Land was the the original technical demonstration for that engine.

Since then, I have reused that engine in many different projects, including Gone Rogue, My Colony, Musical Kittens, Antiquitas, EZ Composer, Hell and Back, My Starship, Epic Adventure, the map editor in Death 3d, and more. I think it's fair to say that over the last 7 years I have gotten a got bit of mileage out of the engine, but I think it's also fair to say that the engine is a bit dated. From a technical standpoint, I did a lot of things weird in Scroll2d that, if I could redo it all, would have been done a lot differently. The problem is, the engine is used in so many projects I can't really just make huge changes to it without breaking everything.

I have been thinking of this for a while, and I am considering "sunsetting" the Scroll2d engine and all of it's associated projects and moving completely into 3d/WebGL. I am thinking of creating a brand new engine, unimaginatively called Scroll3d, which will offer similar capabilities of scrolling around a map and manipulating tiles, but will be entirely 3d and use 3d models instead of 2d sprite graphics.

Now, when I say "sunsetting," it's not as though I am going to discontinue any of my Scroll2d apps and games. Really, nothing with Ape Apps ever reaches an "end of life" and I will probably support all projects until I fall from the virus or some other tragedy. That said, I do plan on moving all of the current Scroll2d projects down from the priority list and start working on new titles using the new 3d engine.

I currently have two fairly extensive Scroll2d projects that I do plan on completing first before making this switch, Colony Wars and My Empire. I am pretty far along into both projects, so it only makes since to finish them and get them published to the markets.

So all of that said, here is my roadmap going forward for Ape Apps:
  1. Complete Colony Wars. This is my current #1 priority project starting now, and pretty much the only thing I am going to be working on until it's done. Time to get this game finished and released.
  2. Complete My Empire. As soon as I am done with Colony Wars, I am going to go straight full time into My Empire and get that game done as well.
  3. Begin Scroll3d development. I am then going to be moving all attention into creating the new game engine, which will be a combination/mix of everything I have learned over the years between the Scroll2d engine and the Death 3d engine. Of course, the new engine needs its maiden project, and I think that maybe the time is right to start working on:
  4. My Colony 2: the first project to be based on the new engine.
Why My Colony 2? Just like Scroll2d, I have learned a lot since I started writing My Colony, and that engine is full of legacy code and strangeness and concepts that I would never even think about today. My Colony 2 is a great opportunity to take all of the best parts of the original, leave out the things that don't work, and bring in new ideas from the suggestions forum that can't be implemented in the current game without overhauling everything anyway.

My Colony 2 is only a concept right now, so all suggestions are on the table. Think of all of the things you wish were in the current My Colony. Ideas that would require a total rewrite of the game are now on the table, because I am literally doing a total rewrite of the game, which will also include a new server. I can make multiplayer that actually works properly if I design the game with multiplayer in mind from the beginning. All units and buildings will be 3d modeled using blender. I don't have a lot of the concepts worked out, but I am thinking that My Colony 2 will only feature United Earth instead of 4 different civs, so I can keep my focus this time.

So anyway, that is what's happening. I plan to finish Colony Wars sometime this month and My Empire next month, and I will then begin work on MC2, which will be built in complete open beta and all feedback and suggestions will be taken into account. So stay tuned for more!
3y ago
Hello Bast.

I like the game already has early game land units and city development contents.

Here are some suggestions :P

Naval units
How are players supposed to expand into other continents? Not even settlers can step onto the new distant lands.
Naval units are indeed, needed.
We can just begin with simply galley ships.
Will units need naval vessels to travel across the seas? Or the units can embark boats on their own?

City : Sprites varies with larger population?
Just something to make the game look better.
Whenever the city reached certain amount of population, the city will have a different sprite for representing such condition.

Mines for boosting production
Currently besides mountains can provide some handy industrial production, nothing can help things build up much faster. If we can have some mines for hills, that would be better.

Assigning population for various purposes
Currently we cannot assign population in the city for a different purpose, such as working in the mountains for production boost, or having them working on food production.
I want to ask whether such customized assignments are possible.

Ideology/Political Structure
I can see the game has a couple of researches related to them. They might have purposes, right?

That's my suggestions so far at this stage, but generally the game goes well and I like it :D
Hello guys.

Some more suggestions for My Empire.

Terrain - Hills
Hills, unlike mountains. They would provide some production that can be further enhanced until a mine is built onto. Also where you'll find important minerals. Alternatively, build an irrigation for some food source.
Besides, it is a passable terrain, and it is also a good defense position. Just you'll need extra movement cost if you decide to march through the rugged hills.

Terrain - Forests
Where you'll find some delicious forest berries, meaty animals and lots of lumber. A source of both food and production.
If you wish to build anything onto it, you must chop down the forest first. Can be later re-planted.
In combats, there are also some advantages. The cover provide by the trees will keep soldiers slightly protected, but also a place that needs extra efforts to get through.

Terrain - Oasis
Feeling the desert is too dry? An oasis helps. The oasis will gift people with water and sweet palm fruits.

Natural wonders?
Natural wonders are special terrain that are more resource potent or yields something that normal terrain won't yield - research or culture.
Maybe volcanos and reefs (notably Great Barrier Reef)?

Hopefully these suggestions can help improving the game!
Hello Bast!

I have some suggestions to improve the diplomatic gameplay of My Empire.

  • Gift Gold
    An alternative ‘paying tribute’ but it is used for improving relations, spontaneously.
  • Peace Treaty - more limiting on aggression
    Yes, peace treaty do help cooling down some bloody madness, but players can always break the treaty. To prevent players exploiting this advantage, here adds a restricted - once a peace treaty is signed neither sides are able to declare war on each other for 10 turns.
  • Alliance
    If relations with another empire is good enough, both sides can sign an alliance pact that lasts for 30 turns. Once the alliance has been signed, allies can enter terriroties of each other freely.
    AI may also ask for alliance with player.
    Declaring war on your own allies will cause every empire denouncing you, plus all your existing allies will cease alliance with you.
    At diplomacy panel, you can check an empire who they are allied with.
  • Pressuring
    If your allies are under invasion of another empire, you can pressure the aggressor to force them signing a peace treaty... If your words are backed with a strong military.
    Nuclear Gandhi: Our words are backed with... Nuclear weapons!
    AI can also pressure their players stop aggressing their allies. If rejected, they are more likely declaring war on you in the upcoming few turns.
  • Resource Trade
    If the game plans to implement resources, then this will be a good opportunity for improving diplomatic relations or buy some strategic resources.

Hopefully these suggestions can make the diplomatic gameplay of My Empire better!
Today I am happy to announce a big new update to Epic Adventure - v0.12.0! My son has started playing a lot of Epic Adventure, and as such his demands for updates have become impossible to ignore, which in turn has placed Epic Adventure on a higher update priority than it has previously been, so expect a lot more from this game in the coming months. Until then though, let's take a look at all the changes in this release!

To start things off, crop farming has now arrived in Epic Adventure! Before, you could collect seeds from tall grass, and you could plow dirt with the hoe, but you just couldn't combine the two efforts into one. Now, you can plant those seeds in the dirt to produce a brand new entity - Wheat!

Once the wheat is ripe, you can harvest it, and using the crafting menu, six wheats can be converted into another new entity - Dough. Of course, what good is plain dough? Not very tasty. But wait, there has been a non-working object in the game from the very beginning, the furnace. Non-working until now, because the furnace is now fully operational, with the new furnace interface. Loading your furnace with the dough and a fuel source such as coal with convert your dough into another new entity, the delicious and edible Bread!

The last update to Epic Adventure added the first mob, Chickens, to the game, but you couldn't do anything with them. Sadly for the chickens, this has changed, as they can now be slaughtered using your weapon of choice. A few hits with an axe or pickaxe ought to do the trick.

The Chickens currently are a little over powered for what they are, so you will need some sort of weapon to kill them, but they will eventually be nerfed a bit. Regardless, killing a chicken will provide the new entity Raw Chicken and also a random chance to get another new entity, the Feather. There is no practical use for the Feather yet, but the Raw Chicken can be thrown into the furnace to create Cooked Chicken, which provides a great boost to your health and energy.

Speaking of health and energy, Death and Respawning are now fully implemented into the game. Eventually you will be able to create a bed to set a new spawn point, but for now the spawn point is locked at chunk 0x0x0. When you die, your inventory will dump at the site of your death and you will have to return to your body to collect everything. Premium users have the option to respawn at their body if they want to.

Going forward,, I plan on increasing the Epic Adventure update cycle from "whenever I feel like it" to once per month. A big part of creating a game is implementing all of the engine features, and once that is done, adding new content can go quick and easy, rapidly expanding the game. I am getting closer to the rapid content expansion phase, but there are still engine enhancements and changes I wish to implement first.

In a prior post, @Amorphus suggested the concept of rooms, towns, and limited visibility. For the most part, I agree with these concepts completely. Right now in the game, you can easily scroll around the map and see everything. I plan on changing the mechanics to something more resembling my game Gone Rogue, in which a player has a certain line of sight which is also blocked by walls and other obstacles. Additionally, caves and enclosed rooms are going to be dark, requiring torches in order see inside of them. I also plan on adding a day/night cycle to the overworld.

Farming needs to be expanded well beyond the current Wheat. There was a thread a while back with contributions from @Amorphus and @GeneralWadaling concerning Agriculture, and now that the basic engine mechanics of planting, harvesting, and cooking have been implemented, I plan on following many of the suggestions in that thread. Expect a lot more to come in the area of agriculture in the near future.

In this thread, @GeneralWadaling laid out a ton of suggestions regarding food and cooking, and many of these will be finding their way into the game shortly. Wadaling suggests a kitchen stove object, and I might implement that and change the furnace so that it just deals with smelting of metals (whenever I add metals to the game). I will also be adding the camp fire, which will allow cooking but will "burn out" after time.

v0.11.0 introduced engine capability for mobs (the chicken), and this update allows you to kill them. We also need mobs that fight back. Monsters, skeletons, bandits, etc. Look forward to all of these things. That's not all though, because Epic Adventure needs some dungeons to explore. My plan is to repurpose the dungeon generation routines I wrote for both Gone Rogue and Dungeon Infinity in order to have random dungeons to appear on the map that you can loot and explore. Dungeons will be filled with items, treasure, and monsters and will give the player the chance to kind more items, gear, and to gain experience and level up, which are two more concepts headed to the game.

There also needs to be a lot more biome types, including the introduction of Water. There is already a little bit of code in the engine to support water (including accelerated crop growth when near water), but there is no actual water in the game. This will be changing. You will also be able to build ditches/trenches to move water from one location to another.

One thing that really bothers me about Epic Adventure is how only one chunk of the world is rendered at a time and you cannot manipulate objects in nearby chunks. I plan to make the world more seamless (like how it works in My Colony 2) to where the entire world feels like one continuous thing instead of something broken up into chunks.

Anyway, I have a lot of plans for Epic Adventure and I think that things are going to start happening a lot faster in this game now going forward. If you have suggestions on things you would like to see, feel free to let me know here in the forum, and let me know what bugs you find too. Beyond that, thanks for playing Epic Adventure and stay tuned because a whole lot more is on the way!

And if you haven't tried Epic Adventure yet, you can play in on the Web, through the Ape Apps Launcher, or find it on various app stores.

#epicadventure #dungeoninfinity #gonerogue
2y ago
Post your suggestions here for features you'd like to see added to the new forum!
6y ago
Thank you everybody, these are all really good suggestions, and I am working on them! Feel free to keep spamming me with more. I want to get it right before I migrate the software to my RP Forum website, which has a pretty large user base.
6y ago
I add suggestions who get a certain responsibility from the community. (many replies, a active discussion etc.) just because you spam out suggestions, I wont add them.
6y ago
He asks for tips and suggestions in the My Colony area too but they aren't attached to the instructional posts.

I know on the My Planet post he says to leave them in the comments but to make things more easily readable for everyone involved, please post them in their own threads if you have tips or suggestions. Just like you don't want people commenting on your suggestion index thread.
6y ago
Is there any other way to improve production of cloth other that synthetic textile mills? I want to get some more of it but it seems like it is way too slow and I do not want to use synthetic mills as I do not know any Zolarg colony I can establish dimplomatic relations with. Do you have any ideas on how do I boost production and/or know a Zolarg colony wanting to have diplomatic relations? Much appreciated.
My colonial charter code is j1Bh8ETD.

Also, when should I start designing my base towards 'end game'? Any suggestions? Open to suggestions.
Existing base design:

Thanks so much!
6y ago
Hey gamers

I spended a ton of time in this post. Here are 10 improvements that would make the game better and more fun ( its a ton of fun already!).

1. A schematic few from above

In games like sim city ds you have this function. This way you see your colony from above without any textures but with just a building/vehicle logo. This would improve game performance and would allow you to build behind big buildings easyer.

2. New Trees

New Trees would be cool with different types of wood for different types of houders and other stuff :)

3. Building row for vehicle

A way to make a build row for vehicles. So when one vehicle is done it Will work on the next one straight after.

4. Day and night cycle

This day and night cycle would allow/force you to build streetlights or other types of lightning.

5. United earth map

A way (no wifi) to be United earth itself and build on earth!

6. A scoreboard

I have already suggested it but i came up with a few types of scoreboards: gdp, population, highest resource production.

7. Multiplayer colony

A way to build on the same colony at the same time. Would be cool right? :-)

8. Different game servers

For multiplayer different game servers for example: a dutch server with dutch commenwealths :)

9. Underground?

A way to get under the ground and build there. Would save frames because you load them in apart from eachother and this would give you double the space!

10. Move buildings

A way to move buildings arround so you dont have to destroy Them.

These are my suggestions and obviusly not perfect and not worked out. Tell me what you guys think :)

6y ago
Amorphus said:thanks, I type way too much, but I want to get all of the details in. What do you think about it? Is there anything that you would change?

I think you are really brilliant in coming up with scenarios and possible solutions. Reminds me of my days when I was still writing me thesis on a topic that was not even known in my culture. Anyhow, I can't really say much at this point. I am the type that will always find work around with whatever is given to me. However, I would surely love to see how your suggestions will be given life in the game. That time, I would be able to give more suggestions and potential work around about it.

Challenge that I see though is with the developer. I have interviewed a lot of software developers both who does applications and who work on games. Common concern is that if you have too many resources to consider, you will have to draw up more scenarios on how to prevent the resource from going overboard as well as how it will interact with the current resources in the game. The developer will also have to figure out how to the research bit in the game. I am not a developer so I cannot really provide solutions :( I can just imagine Bast's face while scripting the code for this suggestion hahah
6y ago
constanryuk said: I think you are really brilliant in coming up with scenarios and possible solutions. Reminds me of my days when I was still writing me thesis on a topic that was not even known in my culture. Anyhow, I can't really say much at this point. I am the type that will always find work around with whatever is given to me. However, I would surely love to see how your suggestions will be given life in the game. That time, I would be able to give more suggestions and potential work around about it.

Challenge that I see though is with the developer. I have interviewed a lot of software developers both who does applications and who work on games. Common concern is that if you have too many resources to consider, you will have to draw up more scenarios on how to prevent the resource from going overboard as well as how it will interact with the current resources in the game. The developer will also have to figure out how to the research bit in the game. I am not a developer so I cannot really provide solutions :( I can just imagine Bast's face while scripting the code for this suggestion hahah

You're right, and I've made multiple changes to my ideas to make them more adherent to the game and in how the resource system would work. I'm still trying to find ways to simplify my ideas. See my other thread on this idea at It has my current idea layout and also comes with several pictures that would help with the developing process. I have yet to crunch the cost and production/consumption numbers though.

Perhaps maybe only one new resource should be added to the game then, the tallorium. If i could come up with a strategy for LIS to get by with using tallorium, then the idea should work.

How about this:

Atmosphere converter: makes he3 from atmosphere
portable condenser: makes water from atmosphere
portable hydrolysis machine: consumes water to produce power. Makes atmosphere as a side effect.
Cloud vacuum: makes diamonds from sucking in tons of carbon in atmosphere. mid grade atmosphere reducer and requires a constant flow of diamonds and tallorium to keep the vacuum blades strong and eficient.
Gas Canister launcher: Consumes a large amount of diamonds, he3, tallorium, and atmosphere. Launches gigantic gas canisters into space using he3 rockets. Would be the most efficient atmosphere reducer.

The only new resource would be tallorium. So far that I've seen though, for almost every new planet that bast adds, he throws in a new resource to shake things up. This planet would be the negative-version of the ice world for UE basically, so it deserves a matching resource in my opinion.

Let me know what you think.
6y ago
I'm just wondering if there will be any new and interesting terraforming dynamics to MC coming up.

I know that the main terraforming factor that we use now is atmosphere, and that affects what we can build and even how colonists feel, but once each planet's atmosphere gets over 5 mil, the planet stays in an earth-like state, no matter how much atmosphere it has, which is unrealistic. Will you eventually make it so that the planet changes for the worse if atmosphere grows too much, perhaps even turning into a lava world?

Also, I was wondering about the other factors of terraforming. Atmosphere is an important factor to terraforming, and I know that when you first built MC, your intent was focused on red planet since that was the first planet that you made, but you can make other world types with new and interesting challenges if you were to add thermal level and sea level planetary stats to the game and have each planet change according to those levels. For instance, a dessert world would have a very low sea level, and the challenge would be to reduce heat and increase sea level. Or on red planet even, you could add additional challenge by making it so that the player needs to add heat as well as atmo, since mars is cold and has almost no atmo. Or on an ocean planet, the player could start on a small piece of land surrounded by water and work towards reducing the sea level and revealing more land. As you can see, several more planet types would be apropriate to add if these features were added, and it would not only prove a challenge but would make the game more alluring to terraformation fanatics like myself. When you only have the pressure statistic, you are cutting out planets that could be added that don't have atmosphere as their main issue. For instance, a dessert planet wouldn't make sense to add and terraform because we have desserts on earth now that have the appropriate amount of atmosphere but lack moisture. And an ocean planet would have the right atmo level but too much moisture.

It would take a lot of work, but if you were to make it so that each planet could dynamically change when exposed to different levels of pressure, heat, and water, it would drastically increase the value of the game and it would pay off big time. It would take a lot of work to develop all of the ground textures for each planet, but once you do that for all of the planets that you have so far, you will have less work to do when you add each individual planet in the future.

A good example of what it takes to terraform a planet in real life is a mobile game that is based off of terraforming, called terragenesis. You choose a certain planet and start off small and work your way up through researching new techs, increasing your income, and terraforming the planet. Each planet has it's own issues that you have to overcome. Eventually, you get the planet to the point where it can support life, but to get there, it's a long and complicated road with many challenges.

When I first started playing the game, I was hooked becuase of the level of detail the developer put into the terraforming elements of the game, but I got bored eventually because while it excels in it's terraforming elements and dynamic planetary effects, it's not a city building game, and it's not a very interactive game. MC just so happens to be a city building game that is very interactive, and it also has great potential in the terraforming and planetary dynamics area, even though it's not quite there yet. I really would like to see a game the excels in both the terraforming and dynamics side of things and the city building and interactive side of things, and I'm hoping that MC will eventually be this game because I think that MC is an awesome game. I'm not saying to copy his ideas, that would be a very very bad idea, and wouldn't be ethical, but use it as a source of inspiration in your quest to make MC reach it's potential, if you can. I'm not mentioning the game for the sake of advertising it, it's just a suggestion.

But yeah, that's just my take on things. Hope my suggestions help, and hope to see MC reach it's true potential.
6y ago
1 change the background to something from my colony game like the photo I uploaded .
2 Do away with the Infinity thing -- when you hire OVER 18 workers the monthly income goes to infinity It does not do this with building - mine upgrades .And makes it impossible to estimate the income you are getting vers income need to pay workers.
3 This is just my thinking Example ORE MINE first lv 300 $ first worker 1,125 $ income 50 $ -- Chop Shop first worker 7,500 $ First lv 2000 $ income 80 $ alest at the low lvs it is extremely unbalanced .
Ether decrees workers and lv cost or incress income
NEW example chop shop first lv 900 $ 3 x the amount of mine First worker 3,375 # again 3 x the amount if you followed this all the way up the line the High lv buildings would still be very expensive and take days getting to wile the cost would be more balanced in game play .

Ps Love the tech added pss Mite want to think about a clicker for each RACE from my colony .
Bugs and reptilians clickers with this format would be cool .
Finally Alest really think about changing the background even if you don't use any other thing i put here as it would make the game so much nicer .

A background change alone would incress sales the other stuff wont bug people as much as it will bug me lol .
6y ago
BestColony11 said:I disagree. At least 1/3 of the people playing MC are kids. That means that the game would get 3/2 as many suggestions..

And Bastecklein doesn't have to like look at them in one day.

The game doesn't suffer from a lack of suggestions. If anything the game suffers from a lack of the developers time. This addition is just a time sink which would mean we ultimately get less content. No thanks.
5y ago
Hi again, just a couple of suggestions that maybe interesting:
1- possibility of purchasing an exact copy of the current structure (with all levels and managers) if you have sufficient funds. Maybe the required amount could be rendered.
2- same as 1 but in bulk : purchasing 10, 50, 100 at a time.

Thanks for the great game!
5y ago
I have started putting together an early concept for a new game I have been thinking about for a few years now called My Starship, which is loosely modeled on an old Android game I used to play called Star Traders RPG. In My Starship, you captain a ship and must make money by conducting favorable trades between colonies and by going on missions for the various planetary governments. The game map, planets, missions, and interplanetary relations are all procedurally generated, and no two playthroughs will ever be the same. You can find up to date download links at the following address, or try the game on the Ape Apps Launcher.

The game is currently in a very early beta state, and as of yet, there is still not much to do. The purpose of this thread is to take comments and suggestions of things to add to the game. I will also keep this post updated with my current plans/to-do/progress list. I want to say up front though, that there are no plans to tie My Starship in to the My Colony server. I have decided that this would be better off as a stand-alone game.

The purpose of this early beta is to get feedback and suggestions on where to take the game, and also to guage interest so I can know how much time to put into development. The beta will be available for testing on Web, Android, Desktop, and Windows 10 at first, with an iOS release coming once the game is further along.

Current Build: v0.15.0

Current To-Do List (in no particular order):
  • Save game progress.
  • Choose your own starting civilization and ship, captain name, ship color, etc.
  • Interaction with other ships, including trade, missions, battle, piracy, capture, etc.
  • Captain skills progression, stats, leveling up, etc.
  • Planet stardocks with ship upgrades, buy/sell new ships, ship repairs, etc.
  • Resource harvesting on empty planets.
  • Distress call when ship out of fuel, or:
  • Escape pod when ship out of fuel or loses a battle.
  • Attack, bombard, or blockade a planet.
  • Capture, take control of a planet and it's industrial output.
  • Hire starship crew, manage crew relations, keep them happy, prevent mutiny.
  • Factories on planets which produce additional resources. Planets AI automatically upgrade themselves, conduct their own trades with passing ships.
  • Military ships controlled by the main factions which patrol their own space, protect their colonies, respond to distress calls.
  • Gamepad + Android TV/Amazon Fire TV/Xbox One support
  • Local (LAN/Wifi) Multiplayer
So here you can see my basic idea, what I am/will be working on, and the general direction I see for this concept as of right now. Everything is subject to change based on player feedback. I am basically working on this game because it is something that I personally want to play. The purpose of releasing the concept is to see whether or not others want to play something like this as well, which will determine how much time and effort I want to put into the idea. This is similar to the approach I used when creating My Colony, and as a whole, I think that it turned out alright.

So anyway, this thread is the place for all things My Starship related, as of right now. I will be embedding a link to the thread from within the game, and will be keeping the top post updated as I make progress and updates to the game. If the idea gains any users or traction, I will upgrade it to it's own forum section, but it is really not necessary at the moment. I plan on working on the game every week or so, or whenever I have time. That will increase or decrease based on the reception (or lack thereof) of the concept. Enjoy!


20210418 - v0.15.0
Added some Chinese translations
Updated menu icons to conform to ADL
Addressed "Cargo is Full" bug
Added Harvest Resources to the planet popup window on uninhabited planets

20200922 - v0.14.0
AI fuel tankers now have a chance to just get more fuel
Player is now warned if cargo is full while harvesting
Added Aluminum requirement to the Uranium Enrichment Facility
Started migrating ship stats screen format into a My Colony-like general stats window
New Resources Added:
- Spice
- Oil
- Plastic
Added Factory:
- Plastic Factory

20200508 - v0.13.0
You can no longer buy/steal goods above your cargo hold space
New Upgrades Added:
- Shield Module Mk2
- Torpedo Tubes
New Ships Added:
- Strut MkVI
- Torpedojager
- Draconian Destroyer
New Resource Added:
- Aluminum

20191118 - v0.12.0
Planets in comm range will show a fuel icon now if they have available fuel for sale
Added a 'Quick Refuel' option to planet options box
Expanded information on the Ship Stats screen
Ships can now travel at diagonal angles

20191010 - v0.11.0
Added Combat!
- You can attack anyship you come across
- Each attack turn you can Fight, try to Run, or attempt to Board
- Boarding let's you take their resources
Added Captain game object, each ship now represented by a Captain
Captains are pulled from roaming tokens from My Tokens
Player automatically assigned to their account default Token
Ships for sale at dock are now sorted by price
Docks now offer starship repair services
Planets now show civilization, contracts, and dock indicators
Civilization capitol now shows an indicator
When zoomed out, Map shows current ship marker and lines between civs
The Planet Stats popup now finally works
Added a pending contract display to the main hud

20190826 - v0.10.0
Planets with a Dock and enough money/parts will now construct new starships
Planets will commission new starships under their flag
You can now buy new starships from the Docks of a planet that has starship inventory
You can now only see other ships that are in your radar range
You can now harvest natural resources from uninhabited planets
- the AI ships will also do this
Ships out of fuel (including yours) will now send out a distress signal within their communications range
AI fuel tankers and government ships will now respond to distress calls
AI ships will now trade with each other
Added back button handling (for devices with a back button)
New ship classes:
- Galactic Freight Hauler
- Galactic Freight Heavy
- Space Jumper
New upgrade modules:
- Shield Module
- Laser Cannons
- Small Hangar Bay
- Guest Pod
- Improved Radar
- Transceiver Upgrade
Added Factories:
- Uranium Enrichment Facility
- Gold Synthesis Lab
- Ore Fraking Operation

20190301 - v0.9.0
Minor bug fix release

20180925 - v0.8.0
Planets will now build Ports when they have the resources
AI ships now conduct expanded business with planets
Fuel Tankers now purchase significantly more fuel from planets
Ships can now purchase upgrades from star ports
First upgrades are:
- Hyperdrive Upgrade
- Cargo Pods
- Hull Plating

20180825 - v0.7.0
Last saved game now appears on title screen
Added Factories, which planets will automatically construct when they meet certain conditions
First factories are:
- Ore Refinery
- Microchip Factory
- Rum Distillery
- Starship Parts Factory
Added Resource:
- Starship Parts

20180611 - v0.6.0
Games can now be saved/loaded
User now prompted to name ship at new game
Civilization governments now start with their own ship fleets
Changes to AI ship movement, destination selection
Government ships will not do quests, but will conduct trades between other government planets
Independent traders will now trade in other goods besides fuel, if the price is good
Added Ship Classes:
- Light Fighter
- Patrouilleschip
- Draconian Patrol
New Missions:
- Compromising Position
- No Laughing Matter
- Emergency Treatment

20180512 - v0.5.0
Implemented Gamepad control support
You can now interact with planets that are within 1 tile by clicking/tapping on them
Added new Ship Stats screen
You can now rename your ship
You can now change ship color
AI ships are now assigned a random ship color
Different ship classes can now start with specific resource overrides
Added Ship Classes:
- Klein Vrachtschip
- Draconian Cutter
- Uranium Tanker
New Missions:
- Conspiracy
- Proof of Loyalty
- Death Celebration
- Body Part Delivery
- Trojan Horse Attack
- Making Amends

20180507 - v0.4.0
Bug fixes
Engine now supports "Linked" missions
Contract timeout fails now work
Added 'Pending Contracts' option to main menu
Added Missions:
- Starvation
- Poisonous Revenge
- Wedding Delivery
Added Ship Classes:
- Delta Runner

20180503 - v0.3.0
Added Ship Contact screen when coming in contact with another ship
Can now conduct ship to ship trades
Global resource prices now slowly and randomly fluctuate over time
Raised the number of independent traders in the galaxy
Game ticks now keep happening when ship runs out of fuel
New planet type: Water World

20180430 - v0.2.0
Resource icon now shows up on trade menus
Changed the Fuel/Cargo readout bars on larger screens
Starting AI merchant ships are now picked from a random ship class
Added Settings button to the top UI bar
Added Resources:
- Ore
- Gold
- Steel
- Microchip
Added Ship Class:
- Draconian Sloop
- Ruimteschip
Added Mission:
- Rum Party
5y ago
Thanks for the suggestions. v0.63.0 is going to be the Two Year update. It is coming soon, and is going to be the largest update in quite some time, with new content for all factions. I will also throw in many of the suggestions from this thread. It will also (hopefully) mark the release of My Colony on the Xbox One, providing it gets approval from Microsoft.
5y ago
I normally do not talk in forums, so if this seems abrupt and all over the I apologize. I enjoy your game very much. I have a few suggestions. First, to give players more options to arrange their colony they way they wish, and to cut down on the pure volume of buildings, may I suggest, you implement a monthly membership, I don't know, maybe for $1 to $20 a month, and the benefit would be maybe doubling resource output, so players like myself could do more with the look of our colony, especially with decorations. Also the cupcake factory is not cost effective and actually is not helpful. Need a way to get crystals in the offline game for UE, cannot do the research without 100 of them. Also, in IS you can research them, but without the tundra rover on the asteroid, you cannot make them. The alien uranium enrichment needs to be increased. And the alien aluminum factory is useless, I can skip it altogether. Also maybe increase civic output on investment bank or add another way to get civics at the high end of the colony. You added wheels, maybe a transportation system, lol, might be too much, but might be fun to play with. Thankyou for your game. I have many more suggestions and things I notice, but overall, great fun.
5y ago
Sorpinus said:I normally do not talk in forums, so if this seems abrupt and all over the I apologize. I enjoy your game very much. I have a few suggestions. First, to give players more options to arrange their colony they way they wish, and to cut down on the pure volume of buildings, may I suggest, you implement a monthly membership, I don't know, maybe for $1 to $20 a month, and the benefit would be maybe doubling resource output, so players like myself could do more with the look of our colony, especially with decorations. Also the cupcake factory is not cost effective and actually is not helpful. Need a way to get crystals in the offline game for UE, cannot do the research without 100 of them. Also, in IS you can research them, but without the tundra rover on the asteroid, you cannot make them. The alien uranium enrichment needs to be increased. And the alien aluminum factory is useless, I can skip it altogether. Also maybe increase civic output on investment bank or add another way to get civics at the high end of the colony. You added wheels, maybe a transportation system, lol, might be too much, but might be fun to play with. Thankyou for your game. I have many more suggestions and things I notice, but overall, great fun.

No need to apologize lol. I don't agree with a monthly membership, I think most people would quit altogether.
there is a lot volume because players want to have extreme big colonies with millions of population. Putting a limit on it would make them quit. Many quit after the .45 release when storage caps were introduced and many lost a lot of money and resources back then.

Doesn't the synthetic crystal research come before the crystal power tech? If not, get a Lava or Ice colony and you can have all the crystals you want and just trade them with yourself. Its what most people do.

I never heard anyone having issues with getting civics, they just build a 100 IB´s. Requires patience that's all, shouldn't be too easy and too fast to do stuff.

I wish transportation would come! Since the beginning of this game it has been the most requested feature for this but to this day there's not indication of that ever being added :(
5y ago
The best place to put your suggestions for the game would be in the "Game ideas, Suggestions, and Feedback" sub-forum located here:
5y ago
Hello MC Community,

1.I would like to suggest that the warehouses be adjusted a bit. The warehouses store almost all resources except wood, oil, paintings and starships. The fact that the warehouses can not store starships is logical, because of the size of them, but why should the warehouses be unable to store wood, oil and paintings. Therefore, my suggestion, please add wood, oil and paintings to the warehouses.

2. Would it be possible to give humans a building that produces Crystalline? I would suggest the "Crystal Growth Chamber / Accelerator". It uses a bit of crystallite, lots of rum, a bit of helium 3, a few robots and a large amout of power to grow crystals. The process is fully automated and does not need any workers, or maybe one that oversees the process. The cost of construction could be money, research, civics, ore, steel, aluminum, antanium, ant paste, diamonds, microchips and wood. The by-product is atmosphere.

3. In addition, it would be nice if there were another resource chart in statistics that shows which buildings generate how much energy.

Thank you for reading. I would be glad to receive feedback on my suggestions.
5y ago
I personally think that the ability to trade territories between players would be a great feature. I would say that in order for a territory to be sold from one colony to another, the buying colony needs to own territory adjacent to the territory being bought so that they can link up after the trade is made. The territory being bought would keep everything pertaining to it's individual map, except any capitals/consulates would represent their new owner.

Also, what if a colony could sacrifice one or more of it's maps/territories to invite another player into the region. The player would proceed to take over the territory(s) and it would become a colony all by itself. This could be useful if all space is taken up in a region, but one colony still wants to invite a friend. The map(s) would keep all of the data pertaining to themselves, structures, people, etc, and the new occupant could continue to buy more territories/maps from the other pre-existing occupants. Players should also be able to lend their colony out to other colonies in the same region, which could be useful if a player needs to go away for a while and needs someone to look after their colony. The lendee would be rewarded in some way for taking care of the colony, and then the lender could return at any time and cancel the lone. If you want i can make a thread for that idea in suggestions, since I have a lot of ideas for that potential feature.

Trade routes between two colonies on the same regions map could cost significantly less civics and could never require starships. I recall posting an entire thread devoted to this topic in the suggestions forum. Was a while ago though.

This last idea could be another benefit/risk of occupying the same region as other colonies. What if the entire region become loaded while just one of it's occupants is online? This would mean that all of the other colonies in the region would generate and consume resources even if only one colony is online. If everyone is offline, then the region unloads and no colonies produce or consume anything. This could be a blessing or a curse depending on a colony's situation.
5y ago
I feel that as we are moving towards making all the races be on the same levels and I feel, you as well feel that all the races to have equal growth opportunities. With this, I would like to bring your attention to few buildings that just are way too powerful and can even break the markets.

I would take only 2 main examples here: The unholy core mine(zolarg) and the raw material extractor (darconinans).

In my honest opinion, it just feels like they were made early in the game and there wasn't enough time then so everything important was just mixed together and made in the same structure for convince sake. But looking at their trading capacity then, they couldn't do much with those resources. however now, they have become way more open to trading and I hope to see the trade cap rising more for most of the civilization with trade routes coming in.

I also believe this is one of the reasons why these civilizations didn't get much focus. If different resources were produced by different structures, there is way higher scope for variety and paths to choose from as to where one wants to go in the end game, rather than just spam building the same building.

Hence, To even out the game on all civilizations and to provide incentive to 'keep on' playing the civilization, I feel there is a need to nerf those buildings and and others similar to them.
Like the unholy core mine would just be producing relics and maybe clay, similar to UDD in human world. The rest all resources can be produced by other buildings and can have different tiers, especially for ore, gold and aluminium.
Similarly the stats of the Raw material extractor can be changed to use way less energy and produce the basic resources like ore, gold, or just obsidian/uranium and the other resources can then have their own buildings to produce them.

If you accept these suggestions, I can work more on how each of these resources are made and a whole new plethora of buildings in both zolarg and darconinans can be introduced.

I do understand that it would hurt a lot of already existing colonies in these civilizations but I am sure that most of the people who grew big in these civilizations had a main human base and zolarg and darconinans werenmajorly secondary base.

And one more suggestion especially for darconinans is the need for a building that produces crystals. It's almost impossible due to lack of crystals to expand your colony much as most of the the buildings basically work on crystals.

And a last one, that I believe might have mixed views, is making few resources exclusive to that particular civilization, or maybe making that resource easy too hard to produce in other civilization. Like zolarg make relics really easily but for humans, the cupcake factory literally reduces your GDP, and on zolarg end, it's too hard for them to produce AA. The only thing that is lacking here is though that humans need relics to get the AA, but for zolarg, AA is useless! So no one bothers to make them but humans have a real hard time

The base for all of these suggestion was to keep the games economy balanced and to increase trading amongst different players of various civilizations
5y ago
Noubgamer said:Hello I just need help on How to talk about and give suggestions on my colony im just confused and overwhelmed
no problem!
Just head on over to this link
You can make a new post with your suggestions there
5y ago
Edit: v0.81.0: I'm not going to make a new post for this, but I am now pushing out patch v0.81.0 that fixes an issue where the build options menu for vehicles would not appear. Sorry for the issues!

Today I am pushing out the v0.80.0 release of My Colony, and it should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. As I mentioned in the last update, I have been getting a lot of requests to slow down on content updates until some of the bugs and issues in the game are ironed out, and so that is what I plan to do over the next few updates, before I dive into the big Federations expansion which will probably leave the game broken again 😳 Just kidding (hopefully)! Anyway, let's see what is new with this release of My Colony.

Firstly, I have nerfed the Research Converter a bit, as it was slightly overpowered. It might still be overpowered, but it's a little better now. It now consumes more money and research, costs more to build, and produces at a little slower rate.

Next up, the little popup window on the construction options sidebar will now display how much housing a building provides, which was a request I was in the suggestions forum:

Moving on, many people have asked me to change the file names for region subcities, which were previously named with a timestamp, making it hard to tell what they were. So going forward, new regional subcities will be named like this: [region-name]-[subcity-name].mcz, making it a bit easier to tell what they are. This does not impact current cities though.

I have made it easier to share a saved file that is tied to an Ape Apps Account. You might recall that in the last update, I added the option to make an offline copy of a colony so you can share it with others. This has now been expanded a bit, to where if somebody gives you a colony file that is NOT a copy but is tied to their account, the game will automatically make it an offline-only non-account copy when another user tries to import the file into their game.

Next, the often requested 'Leave Federation' option has been implemented. It is fairly straightforward, you will see the new Leave Federation button on the Federations screen.

On all platforms, the Achievements window has been updated. It now shows achievement point values and total progress. Newly unlocked achievements are now also synced to your Ape Apps Account when you are logged in, keeping your achievement progress up to date across platforms. I might add more achievements to the game in the coming updates, so let me know what types of achievements you are interested in!

Next up, I have added a new policy to the Policies menu that allows you to block new tourists from coming to the colony, just like you can currently block immigration. The new option requires government level 3 or higher.

There were also a ton of bug fixes and improvements in this update, and I will just discuss a few of the larger ones. First, I think I have finally solved the issue where incinerators (and similar buildings) would shut down forever if you ever ran out of trash. You can let me know if you are still having the problem, but I think it's fixed.

Next, there was a huge issue involving how virtual colonists were organized and processed that, in large colonies, could potentially cause freezes and hangups of several minutes on regular intervals. The issue has been corrected in that it will not happen anymore on new colonies, but on existing colonies, the engine will slowly sort itself out. Slowly is the key word though, as a colony with over a million population would require more than a day of idle time to get sorted out. The slowness was required to let the colonists sort themselves out without completely killing the economy of the colony. If you want it to go faster, you will have to just kill off all of your colonists and let your population regrow. Most colonies are impacted by the issue, but the real problems are not apparent until populations are in the millions, so most people should be fine just letting the fix sort itself out behind the scenes.

Several optimizations have been made in regards to tourism. Tourism had the potential to really kill the performance of a colony, especially on large map sizes. The game was designed to place new tourists into 'simulated' mode so that they find entertainment without using the pathfinder, after you had so many tourists. However, this function was written when tourists only showed up a few at a time, so it was able to keep up. With the introduction of the Space Ports, tourists were able to show up way faster than the game could keep up with, and you would run into a situation where the pathfinder could not keep up and would cause memory consumption to keep growing and growing.

The engine is now much more aggressive at simulating tourists than it was before. Also, if a tourist does not find a tourist destination within a 60 tile radius of their arrival spot, they will now just leave instead of making the engine keep searching for a destination in a larger and larger radius. There are further optimizations planned for tourism in the coming updates, but if you have a large map with 10k or more tourists, consider using the new policy to block tourists from coming to the colony, which will let them slowly dwindle down as they run out of money. I do not think these tourism issues have much of an impact on small and medium sized maps, but on maps where people have done the Annex policy several times, it can really kill the game.

I have set up a small My Colony online merchandise store with a few things that I will probably expand on over the coming months, whenever an idea pops in my head. There are a few Lander items and a United Earth 'Make Earth Great Again' mug. I am drinking coffee out of the lander mug as we speak, and it really improves the taste of the coffee. 😜 Feel free to check it out and leave suggestions on items you would like to see:

Next, after literally years, I have posted a new episode of the My Colony Podcast. Feel free to check it out, and let me know if you would like to see me bring the My Colony Podcast back from the dead. If I limit it to shorter 10 minute(ish) episodes, it wont be too much or a burden to do.

Finally, I just want to let everybody know that after years of talking about it, I have finally begun full scale work on Colony Wars, the multiplayer RTS game taking place in the My Colony universe! I plan (hope) for a release to all platforms this spring (steam included), with the first public beta coming to the Ape Apps Launcher later this month, so stay tuned, and check out the new Colony Wars forum for info:

That's all for today's update. Should be hitting all platforms over the weekend, so keep a lookout. Let me know what issues you find, as I will be going hard after bugs and performance over the next few updates. Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for more!
5y ago
This is a section where you can leave suggestions for updates to my current games or different types of games you would like to see me work on! Anything goes, but if the suggestion is about a game that has it's own suggestions subsection (like My Colony), please put the post there.
4y ago
@Kaymcray Thank you for the suggestions. It helps a ton when deciding what to add to the game, and this all seems pretty easily implementable.

As for what comes with Premium, I did not put any of the initial content behind the premium "wall," so the only thing Premium does right now is allow you to get the "free money" from the banking tab without having to watch a video (ad removes the banner advertising). The intention is to continually add new jobs/educations/houses/etc, some of which will be premium. Premium items will be clearly labeled as such.
4y ago

Here is the topic where, we, the players, can express our ideas and suggestions to the game.

Let’s help improve the game! 😙
4y ago
Today the 3rd beta, v0.3.0, of Colony Wars is available on Web, the Ape Apps Launcher, and on Android! This update adds a few new engine features and a bit of new content.

Firstly, on Android devices, the back button is now handled properly, which was badly needed.

Next, there is a new structure, the Research Lab. The Research Lab unlocks two new units, the Medium Tank and the Engineer. The Medium Tank is simply a larger and more powerful (and more expensive) version of the current Light Tank, so I don't need to explain much on that. The unit with the associated engine changes is the new Engineer.

The Engineer is a slow, weak, and defenseless unit, but if you let one sneak into your base, you could be in a bit of trouble. If the Engineer enters an enemy building, the building will be captured for the Engineer owner's team. This can be devastating if the unit enters an expensive building or even the Lander.

There is still a ton that needs to be added to the game, and I have gotten a lot of good suggestions and feedback through the forum, the Play store, and the in-game 'Submit Feedback' button, so please keep the ideas coming. Things that are currently on the list include Navy and naval units, air units, more techs, more types of infantry and tanks, etc. Once the United Earth faction is built out, I will start on the LIS. I plan on each faction having at least one unique super weapon, such as a nuke or giant laser cannon or something similar. Basically something with a countdown timer that lets you deal massive damage to an enemy base. I also plan on adding the Ore Fraking Operation soon, not as a structure that you can build, but one that starts out on the map and you have to capture it with an Engineer for an endless stream of income. I also want there to be abandoned buildings on the maps that you can garrison with infantry and use as a fort out in the battlefield. Finally, once the two main factions are done, I will start working on the single player campaign mode.

So that is it for today's update. Stay tuned for more, keep the suggestions coming, and if you haven't played Colony Wars yet, find download links at the following website:
4y ago
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