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A few Suggestions.

2018-11-03 20:22:51
Hello MC Community,

1.I would like to suggest that the warehouses be adjusted a bit. The warehouses store almost all resources except wood, oil, paintings and starships. The fact that the warehouses can not store starships is logical, because of the size of them, but why should the warehouses be unable to store wood, oil and paintings. Therefore, my suggestion, please add wood, oil and paintings to the warehouses.

2. Would it be possible to give humans a building that produces Crystalline? I would suggest the "Crystal Growth Chamber / Accelerator". It uses a bit of crystallite, lots of rum, a bit of helium 3, a few robots and a large amout of power to grow crystals. The process is fully automated and does not need any workers, or maybe one that oversees the process. The cost of construction could be money, research, civics, ore, steel, aluminum, antanium, ant paste, diamonds, microchips and wood. The by-product is atmosphere.

3. In addition, it would be nice if there were another resource chart in statistics that shows which buildings generate how much energy.

Thank you for reading. I would be glad to receive feedback on my suggestions.
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2018-11-03 22:59:11
Those are good ideas! I'm always stuck with wood when building lots of things just because I don't have the storage, and I won't build houses of horror everywhere because I don't find it worth it.

The chart is also a good idea. You mean like a pie chart showing what building is producing how many power and the number of the building in the colony ?
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2018-11-04 10:45:28
Good ideas, but I will warn against making the game too easy. At least I prefer that you can't easily get everything from the same map, it encourages trading and it gives a purpose to the other map types.
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