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Underground - Resource Transport - Power / Utility

#1 2020-08-09 13:49:48
In mc1 the building are "ok" if they have at least one tiles "connected" with the colony.

For having more micromanagement (particular cute in little bases, but can be stressful in large system), we could have different "layer":

  • Power: power line in classic underground pipes, pylons, maybe some differentation from
  • Water: water pipes, Roman aqueducts
  • Sewer System
  • Resource Movement system: conveyor belts, underground or "flying"
  • Network
  • ecc


For keep the system simple, every item on the list above, under the road. Player build the road, will have every thing underground done. If the building is connected to the road, good, if not... will be isolated, and the construction won't even start. :D

#2 2020-08-09 15:01:36
I am thinking more like, a cluster of cables that provides water, power, bandwidth and oxygen connection, all in one. Instead of have to build too many types of connection.
We don't have to connect every building with utility cables once having a utility router that distributes utility services in an area.

For resource distribution, I think we are having the same thought if saying subterranean delivery system from warehouse to warehouse. Which, warehouses provides a smaller logistics coverage to nearby buildings.
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#3 2020-08-09 15:36:16
For little bases (like small City), the first option is doable, but for medium city..

Having everything separated will help with the micromanagement, after, for the other question:

Like in real life:

Big central > big transformer (for big industrial site) > medium transformer (normal industrial stuff) > little transformer (house, little shop).

This logic can be applied in every "pipes".

Of course medium central and little central can generate only for medium and little transformer.

#4 2020-08-14 15:01:56
Power Grid

For the water, should be nice to have a "close system", with water recycling system:

For the distribution, the system should be similar to the power plant (big, medium, little, high pressure, medium pressure, low pressure)

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