This post goes into more detail about what I would love to see for bandwidth coming to the game.

4G tower: Provides a larger amount of bandwidth, while consuming a lot of power and microchips to keep the servers online(R:15k+)(Output: 5k bandwidth).

Advanced High Frequency Module: This is a very large, very spendy building that houses a lot of servers to keep up with a growing colonies bandwidth needs.(R:150k+)(Output:15k Bandwidth)

5G Omega Tower: This is the MOTHER of all bandwidth buildings. It's a 5×5 tower that's made up of nanites, tritanium, and obsidian. This thing is crazy expensive.(R:1.5m+)(Output: 150k Bandwidth)

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|Balancing, tweaks, and overall life improvment|
This section will be filled with tweaks and balancing issues, ideas, and other stuff that would be cool to be added/changed.

Copy a city![Idea originally from mattwadbb, so thx matt] This would be just a clone mechanic, kind of like the layout mechanic, but automatic. The original idea was for the entire city to be copied, tile for tile, and without any delay. This seems to be a bit to OP, so I have an idea that might counter the OP'ness of it. Instead of the city building instantly, you should instead have to make the correct bots to build all the buildings you would want in the city. And after you want to copy the city, your robots start making the buildings. This would take a LONG time for some cities, but it would be worth it to not have to manually place the new buildings.

That's all for now, expect more in the future.