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Advanced Solar Tower

This is intended as a more expensive alternative to the incinerator, that doesn't produce atmosphere.

size 2x2
workers: 5
ore cost: 6000
steel cost: 4000
cold cost: 7000
micro chip cost: 100
generates: 500 power

I'm not an artist, please let me know what you think.

the main usage of the incinerator is removing trash.
Its me Lego.
Thank you for pointing that out, it probably wouldn't fit in that role then. (I had thought of this and started on it before incinerators were introduced). Maybe there could be another use/place for this?

What do you think of the art? I could really use some constructive criticism.
I don't see a attached picture, but I remember you made really fancy arts.
Its me Lego.
It looks really cool. I thought about a focused solar tower too but yours looks way better.
Well, in my opinion, solar towers were designed to support a small colony as it grows, and they are supposed to take up a bunch of space at the start, that's part of the challenge.

After the colony reaches a certain power need, solar panels become inefficient and buildings like the nuclear and water plants are needed more and more. Then Eventually, the power tower is required to handle the colony's massive power needs. I don't think that adding a tier 3 solar tower would fill any need because a colony is perfectly capable of supporting itself on tier 2 solar towers until it can afford nuclear and hydro plants.

However, maybe this could be a tower exclusive to LIS, and that would give LIS the upper hand in providing more power while wasting fewer resources. That would increase the differentiation between LIS and UE.

What do yall think of that idea?
Yeah, I like that idea! I haven't played LIS very much but that would make sense that maybe they didnt have access to higher tech for longer, so they have to extend a lower level of technology for longer before upgrading to nuclear etc.

Like time, I have also thought about doing a "solar farm" where all the mirrors focus sunlight onto a central tower, I think those would look really cool in this game, but like you said, its a niche in the power grid that doesnt really need to be filled... unless it were part of LIS or some other faction
It was a good idea though. I like the drawing. Keep up the good work. Maybe bast will use it for LIS, you never know.
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