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Natives are simple beings, These cute Slugs live off regolith. They spend there days sucking on rocks and ice. The native's towns spawn next to ice and water deposits on Moon and Mars maps. They dont do much and are not hostile. The towns consist of 5~ houses connected with roads and a trade capital. Slugs create food and collect water and ore. Because of this early game you may want to trade with them. They offer to trade food, ore, and water. You can also "invade" them which will cause other slug towns to embargo you. The last thing is when they spawn near water/ice/ore they have the rights to this meaning you cannot harvest it without trading with them. (Moon slug, Moon slug house, and moon slug capital; Mars slug, Mars slug house, mars slug capital.)
Wowza, a simi modder and an idiot? crazy
Maybe one day they will trade something very important :thinging:
Wowza, a simi modder and an idiot? crazy
simple but I like it.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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