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Lighting Day and Night .

Wile its cool you put day and night in not many people will be using it .
street lights no matter which take a tile . Thing is most people make one tile roads .
So there is no place to put street lights in . Without making a two tile wide road of which 90 % is wasted space.
Now I know people can change there lay outs but with lights it becomes nesser to have every road two tiles wide to use them .
Now make a big colony like this and that is alot of space .
Also some people have huge colony's already built one even 7 million .
It is unrealistic for them to destroy the whole colony just to put in lights .
And I know it will be alot of work but the only solution is lights on the buildings .
Me personally Ill rarly use night cycle with lighting set up as it is .
>>>>>> Another solution is a special road tile with a light on it like the street light small base light above the bot lv .<<<< probably the simplest solution . Only need one tile of each type with a light on it .
Anyway it would be cool to use night mode but with much rebuilding or just wasted space I for one will rarely use it and i imange any of the huge colony's wont use it much ether .
I second this suggestion. Either put lights on all the buildings or develop some tiles that have lights on the sides...or something like that...
I agree with the buildings having lights and think that every road should have lights every 5 tiles or so. And love that the bots have headlights!
well, my suggestion would be to make a lighting road tile for each type of road and make them placeable in rows just like basic road tiles are. For instance, we make a regolith lighting road tile and add in some simple lamps and make it consume 1 power. The the hardened concrete lighting road tile would not only provide faster bot speed, but would put off more light, have better looking lamps, and use 2 power. Then the dark pavement road would put off even better light and use 3 power, and so on.

After you create a road, it would be cool to have an option in the build menu to "add lighting," which would upgrade that particular road tile to the lighting road tile of the same material. Then if you click the lighted road tile, you can upgrade that tile's material, or choose to upgrade all of the lighted road tiles that are the same material to a better material to produce more lighting. I would be careful though, since upgrading a lot of these tiles would greatly increase power needs in a short time and could cause a blackout.

Wcould put lamps on each corner of the tile to make the tile look good no matter if it is an intersection, a curve, an up/down road segment, or a left/right road segment.

I also think that lighting should be crucial to colonist happiness at night. If a colonist's commute is dark and dreary, they might grow afraid and uneasy and their happiness might decrease. This kind of element would make lighting and the day/night cycle more than just a good looking graphical effect, but a crucial part of the gameplay, or at least as long as lighting mode is turned on.

I still think that bast should eventually make copies of all buildings with windows and make night versions of them with some windows lit up and others dark. He will definitely have to make a night version of structures like the power tower, the alien warehouse, residential towers, and the casino if he wants his lighting effect to look good enough in the official release.

What do yall think of my ramblings?
complicated .
The least work for the programmer would be one tile of each type with a street light on a pole so the road still looks drivable .
redoing every building ( unless he just makes one light to add to roofs would take tons of time and doing all you talk about would be just about a total rework of roads .
In this case the simpler we can make the idea the more likly he will use it .
I think it would be cool if there could be an ancient alien light structure for mid to late game that would light up a significant part of the map. Especially if the light was purple.
Yeah, you might be right about him making night versions of all buildings. Still I just don't think it would look good if the alien warehouse and power tower didn't have those glowing lines that stood out and lit up the night with their pinkish glow.

As for the roads, your idea and mine are the same, one lighting road version for each road material is all he would need. As for the "add lighting" command, I don't think that would be too complicated to add to the road tile building menu. Plus, it would make it easier to add lighting for the users. I also don't think that it would take much for bast to make each of these lighted roads to require a certain amount of power, since he's done it with all of the other buildings.

Forget the lamps at each corner thing, that wouldn't work because when rovers drive over the lighted road, they would drive over the lamps in the front and it would look horrible. Now if we forget about lamps altogether and put lighting in the floor of the road in some sort of pattern, that would make things look a lot better, and it would make sense that rovers would drive over it. Your idea of making one lamp on top is feasible too though. I guess I should make a few rough drawings when I get home and see if bast likes the idea. I'll make versions with lighting in the floor and ones with lamps on the top corner to see which he will like.

I still think that bast should colonist sensitivity to light and dark roadways and have it determine part of their happiness score. That's worth putting in, and it wouldn't be any more complicated than any of the other mood related things that he has put in before.

I also like the alien beacon idea. it would be a great effect to the game, but the radius would have to be pretty big.
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