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I just want to know what planet types from mc1 will be carried over to mc2. I see that waterworld, ice, moon, and mars will be coming, but will asteroid, abandoned, earthlike, lava, and forest be coming?

I would love to see abandoned in 3d.

Wiuld also be nice to be able to create our own terrain and skybox textures for planets.

Will there be a terraforming element, or no?
I suppose that all can be carried over @Amorphus , I did give this topic much thought yet either way until now. It's fairly trivial to create a new planet type in MC2.

The engine does not use any pre-compiled textures for the sky or terrain. It simply creates a "noisy" texture based on a color for the ground, and creates a gradient based on two colors for the sky. The ground allows for a surface color, a subsurface color, water color, and ice color to all be predefined. Inside of that, each biome in a world can have it's own set of colors.

I have no plans to add terraforming to MC2.
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Thanks! Good to know’
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