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Frozen Health Bug

Hello! Im a fan of the game, and I have played it on cellphone and now on computer. On the last one health seems to have bugged on some moment on 10% on the early game and now its statistics hadnt changed in a long time. I dunno what happenned, so I cant say how to replicate it. My version is v1.12.0. Bye!
P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, im brazilian (COME TO BRAZILLLLLL huehuehue).
I can say I have started seeing the same issue. I am frozen at 25% health. It has not updated in several days of play.
Same here. My colony's health is at 9%, despite health being a 0% issue and hospitals being built literally everywhere (and a lot of them are empty). I have over 106K colonists, and I'd rather not deport all of them to try to fix the bug, since rebuilding the population from that point would take forever.
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I would like to add, the newest update 1.15 this is still a bug, My health stat is stuck at 12% and hasn't moved in awhile. at some point during overnight afking it dropped and has never returned, even though I have resolved the health crisis
I have updated to the current newest version v1.16.0 and my health stat still has been stuck at 75%. It has been stuck sense at least v1.14.0 and I was also wondering if this is the reason why if have a higher death rate than birth rate. Around 30 births and 160 deaths a month (in game time) while I have a population of 175k colonist.

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