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[My Colony Fan Lores] New Galactic Empire

Hello guys!

When you're playing My Colony 1, you might sometimes receive a message that offers you AD-watching rewards.
The provider of the message is exactly the Galactic Empire, a NPC faction.
When I was thinking about what is the Galactic Empire, one of my question in my mind is, in My Colony Universe, do we have any civilization that was once in galactic scale? The thing popped up right inside my brain was the Ancients who might once had a thriving galactic-wide civilization.
So I tried to link up something between the Ancients (which there are not much canon lores related to them at this moment) and the Galactic Empire (which almost nothing we can know). After some time of messy combination and weird brain-o-chemical reactions, the idea was ended up turned into one thing - the New Galactic Empire.

Here, I'm going to introduce my thoughts about this never-explained faction.

Linkage with the Ancients? (Historical Origins)
Here I won't make too much assumptions here, but one of my most possible explanations in my mind is: They have an ambition to rebuild this fallen civilization. Or even further: Remnants or the direct descendants of the Ancients.

When they have possibly been established?
Probably leave that as a mystery. However, in my older post about my version of My Colony Universe timeline, I had made an assumption of when they begin active and known to the galaxy. Probably the time shortly after the Human Civil War when the entire Galaxy is still in a mess, they decided to take the opportunity and begin expanding their sphere of influence.

Their aim?
Primarily rebuild the legacies of the past, the galaxy-spanning Ancients civilization.
For this aim, they might have the following objectives:
  • Retrieving once lost technologies from ancient artifacts.
  • Strengthen their overall national strength and expand sphere of influence.
  • Achieve galactic control through diplomatic and military means.
  • Strengthen galactic control through economic, political and cultural ways.

Sphere of Influence (in Galactic Colonization Race Era/MC1 era)?
Their overall influence is still unknown due to their low-profile activity.
The identified regions of influence are most concentrated in the central region of the Galaxy.
  • Center of Galaxy
    It was once under Alpha Draconian control. The area is known for high abundance of ancient city remains that contains countless ancient artifacts of powerful technologies, including those most rare.
    On the other hand, the location was the political capital of the Ancients civilization.
    The profile of this region has make it a strategic location of New Galactic Empire.
  • Civilizations bonded with ancient religions
    There are a number of civilizations remains bonds to ancient religions worshiping the Ancients civilizations. As the New Galactic Empire rises, they declared loyalty to their "living deities", except the Pharan Tribes.
  • Ex-Draconian Colonies
    The absence of Draconian Overlord after the Midnight Coup in Alpha Draconia had caused a nationwide political crisis. During the time the throne was empty, unable to maintain political control the peripheral colonies, these colonies broke away from Alpha Draconians. Some of them are independent and some of them joined the New Galactic Empire.
The New Galactic Empire mainly spreads its influence through propagandizing in disguise of popular culture, commercial advertisements and religious preaching. On the other hand, when necessary, using their army might to 'persuade' their target, or even launching a secret invasion.

Political Structure
The Emperor is the supreme leader and the religious leader of the New Galactic Empire, having the absolute power to alter any decision of the Empire.
The Masters, or the Apostles of the Emperor, are the second-in-order in terms of political power. They are chosen by the Emperor himself, their roles are primarily assistants and advisors of the Emperor, secondarily as the manager of the Empire. Every Master controls a variety of assets depending on their talents, abilities and personalities.
The Inquisitors are the religious officers of the New Galactic Empire, which does not goes under control of any Masters, but directly responsible to the Emperor himself. Despite they have far less executive powers, they play a key part maintaining the relations between the Empire and its subjects.
Member states and colonies of the New Galactic Empire are subjects of Emperor and assets of the Masters. They must remain absolute loyalty to the Emperor, and fulfill any demands of the Empire when called to. Most of them remain limited autonomy, but that's very situational as it depends on their ruling Master.

The New Galactic Empire is capable unleashing the full potential of advanced ancient technologies left by the Ancients, much further than what Alpha Draconians are capable of. Giving some examples: Altering mass and structure of atoms and subatomic particles. Precise teleportation. Pure energy control. Interdimensional interaction. Even the New Galactic Empire have not retrieved all of these technologies yet, these technologies are powerful enough to alter the entire galaxy in no time.
However, these technologies are too complicated to be handled by any ordinary person. Mastering the use of these technologies would be extremely difficult and demanding, first you must have the patience to learn everything about these technologies, second you have to be intelligent enough to process these information into your own knowledge and abilities, and then you need extreme multitasking skills to wield these technologies practically.
The Emperor himself is an expert of these ancient technologies, which he is capable of wielding the power of almost all ancient artifacts without ease. Over the Galaxy, there is no other genius can achieve the same level of mastery like him.

The New Galactic Empire does not have a universally standardized military. Every branch of military, called a Legion, usually goes under the command of a Master, managed in different styles and doctrines according to the commanding Master's preference and personality. This leads to a wide variety of specializations in New Galactic Empire military.
There are still something in common among each Legion, especially the wide utilization of ancient technologies.

Running any ambitious plans requires very large amount of resources. To make sure a stable supply of resources, each city and colony of the New Galactic Empire are required to provide resources they produce or import at regular intervals, in return for funding support and advanced technologies.
The resources paid by the colonies and cities are mainly redistributed to Masters, who are responsible for executing the Emperor's plans.
Usually the cities and colonies remain having autonomy on microscopic economic decisions, unless the ruling Master has their own idea of "economy".

Culture and Religion
The most representative culture in the New Galactic Empire is their worship of the Emperor. Especially some religious member states of the New Galactic Empire fanatically regard their Emperor as an all-powerful deity.

That's what I have in my mind. Not a perfect ones, but should at least give a concept.
If you have your own ideas, I'd like to hear it too since it might complement each other.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
What an imagination you have! I love reading these posts. Would love to see some illustrations as well if you have any.
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