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A brand new testing thread

Since I've made so many changes to the forum, I need to start testing stuff..........
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And a full reply

With edit capabilities
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The new imgbox and glassbox tags

There are a couple of new tags on the forum which can be combined to create a neat frosted glass effect in your posts.
Of course, they can just as well be used on their own too, but you never know when you just need to add a bit of splash to your post.
Of course not to be outdone, the also new gradbox tag allows you to create a box with a colored gradient for a background. Obviously there are countless instances where this could come in handy.
And remember that it's always fun to mix and match tags!

Spoiler:Of course it is!
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bastecklein said:Here is another thing of sorts

A good old quote test.
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Test for making a user a moderator for a single thread only
what does it do with this
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what will these do
an awesome #test
click here
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Created by
3y ago
here is some color maybe
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