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[My Colony Fan Lores] Atlanian Kingdoms

Hello guys!
Some times ago I was thinking about minor civilizations and other races in the galaxy. One of the things in my mind is an aquatic civilization. Taking a bit reference from the legendary Atlantis, this gave me an idea - The Atlanians.

National Emblem: The Moon Aqua and the Trident of Balance

The Atlanians have a very long history, longer than that of Humans, but not old as Alpha Draconians. Their civilization was born some millenniums after the disappearance of the Ancients, on a planet in the Blue Clusters lying just at the rim of the central Galaxy.
Originally, the Atlanians were just fishes in the deep ocean, only dwells in the deep abysses of this oceanic planet. There's a myth telling how Atlanians touched the lands and the air of their planet for the first time:
A fish look at "The Walls", wondered how would the world above the ocean would look like. He swim upper and upper, trying to reach the top of "The Walls". As he reached the borderline between the skies and the ocean, he jumped out from the water with his all efforts. He passed over.
When he wake up, he saw the world above the ocean. He saw the land above "The Walls", he saw a new world, he saw a rising sun on the horizons. When he tried to move, he found out his body was not the same as before - fins becomes limbs, tail becomes legs. In the air, he hears a wisper from the god - A gift for the curious fish.

Still, in human perspectives, it is a result of evolution. There are fossil records found that resembles intermediate of primitive aquatic creatures and Atlanians.

In a very long time of Atlanian history, Atlanians organizes themselves as kingdoms since their civilization begin to form.
Atlanians are relatively peaceful when compared to other mainstream civilizations in the galaxy. Some said peace is their nature, but more (non-Atlanian) people believe their peace is a result of culture and history. Rarely they have conflicts within or with other civilizations in their history, but still, one of the wars has taken a big part forming their ideology of peace, balance and coexistence. This legend is recorded in their ancient literature:
The war between the Kings spread across the world, the seas are no longer clear as Aquamarine, it is corrupted in bloodbath. A young man, hoped to stop the Kings' rampage, set on his journey to the Moon Aqua, wish to know the way to restore harmony between the Kingdoms......
......After the Trials of the Ocean Gods, he finally reaches the answer he looks for - The Balance. His vision for a harmonious world is clear. The Trident of Balance responds to his will, granting him the power to restore his world, to save his world from chaos.
He spread the words of peace across the world, he shared his vision to the Kings. The Kings, figuring out the destruction have done to the world, eventually withdraw their weapons. They kneeled to the young man, asked the young man to show the path to redeem their sins.
The young man showed them the way of harmony, peace and mercy instead of punishments. He said, Balance is the key for a better world.

Their peaceful ideologies impacted their history a lot which has promoted the prosperity and stability of their civilization. Several generations later, they begin marching into the space and established many colonies, and eventually new kingdoms, in the Blue Clusters. All these kingdoms collectively formed a confederate to maintain their common vision of their harmonious civilization - the Confederate of Atlanian Kingdoms.
Due to their neutrality, and their relative powerful strength as a minor civilization in the Galaxy, they seldom have problems facing diplomatic or military pressure from any other nations, their civilization remained very peaceful for many years while remained cooperation with many other nations and civilizations. However, the recent invasion by the New Galactic Empire is the turning point in their history which their peaceful stance is not being respected. Fearing it would become the demise of their civilization, they accepted the offers of Alpha Draconians for a cooperation against the aggression of the New Galactic Empire, first time breaking their neutrality.

Since the birth of their civilization, the Blue Clusters is the home for these Atlanians. Besides the Blue Clusters, they also have many colonies across the Galaxy, mainly on aquatic planets.
  • <Blue Clusters>
    The homeworld of Atlanians, the cradle of Atlanian Kingdoms. This region contains numerous oceanic and aquatic planets which makes comfortable homes for these ocean-dwelling people. It is the political capital and cultural center of this civilization. Has the name of Blue Clusters as the stars in this region emit distinctive blue lights.
  • <Selene System>
    This is the economic center of Atlanian Kingdoms. This place has been an important trading port due to its location, it borders United Earth, Alpha Draconians and Blue Clusters. Many colonies of Atlanian Kingdoms are located here.
  • <Anthea System>
    One of the major exclaves of Atlanian Kingdoms, an encalve located inside United Earth. Regarded as one of the best locations for tropical vacations - there are some beautiful tropical planets in this system.
  • <Larisa Enclaves>
    A cluster of Atlanian exclaves are located in the neutral Larisa Stars region.

<Political Structure>
As a confederate, Atlanian Kingdoms are composed of many member kingdoms of Atlanian origins, which includes those in Blue Clusters and their exclaves.
The Assembly of Kings is the legislation and executive institution of the Atlanian Kingdoms, each meeting hold at regular intervals of 10 years and usually lasts around a month. A meeting begins with every kingdom reporting their overall situation and welcome new kings and queens if there is any. And then the kingdoms will discuss any submitted issues of Atlanian importance (such as external trade and diplomacy), making decisions on collective principle, by those kingdoms who are considered involved into.
If not considering the collective policies, each kingdoms are governed on their own without common restrictions. The constitutional structure might varies from kingdom to kingdom as each might has their own roles, however in every kingdom, the King or the Queen is the representative and the highest leader of his or her kingdom.

Culturally, Atlanians are well known not only because of their pacifism, but they are well mannered, they have pursuit of sophistication and perfection, and especially their unique artistic values. When you look into their architecture, you won't feel a large contrast, but they combine pretty well into the atmosphere and the surrounding environment, in the same time they are amazing with fine details. When you look into their outfits, they might look simple, but actually created with many fine details, while it is comfortable to wear and durable. That's the art of Atlanians: Extraordinary, but in a harmonious, non-aggressive way that makes you feel comfortable.

Many technologies used in Atlanian Kingdoms are directly or derived from those of United Earth and Alpha Draconian origins, acquired from trading agreements. Yet Atlanians are not without their unique wisdom, especially they are the largest aquatic civilization in the galaxy - a master of aquatic technologies. Their technologies are not limited by oceans, they can be used on land and space and are highly adaptable to many environments, except those extreme. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly. :)

A large proportion of Atlanian economy is driven by external trades, mainly between United Earth and Alpha Draconians.
Domestically, they have some unique industries.
One of their famous industries is fish herding, they breed fishes in a natural way but still supported by their technologies to achieve high yield. The fish meat produced are in high quality, and you can get the most original taste of it compared to the GM fishes which is common in United Earth. The silk produced by a deep sea dwelling Silk-cod is a good material for making fine sheets of fabric.
Another of their unique industries is the deep sea quarrying, one of the major supplier of the beautiful but rare Atlanian Yellow Marble in the Galaxy. These marbles are primarily for constructions in Atlanian cities.

Atlanian military was never used for invading others, purely for self-defense. The majority of their military are garrisons on the planets, while the remaining are mobile response forces operating in Blue Clusters or in the exclaves of Atlanian Kingdoms.
Their military focuses on quality over quantity. This is reflected by their strict military standards - to be enlisted as a soldier, first you'll need to spend 5 years in military academy learning combat skills, martial arts, military doctrines and basic tactics. And then you'll face your first test. Once you've passed the test, you'll have to spend another 10 years mastering your techniques and all relevant knowledge as a soldier in practical scenarios. And then comes the last test. Failing any one of the tests, you'll start over. Despite the low pass rate of the tests, every successfully enlisted soldier are the finest who can take on many enemies with ease. These soldiers are highly respected in the society.
Their combat vehicles does not require many people to operate, sometimes one pilot is enough to run a tank. Often Atlanian combat vehicles are tailor-made for the pilot, which the pilot can optimally make use of their strengths. However this also means it totally depends on the skills of the pilot.
Moreover, Atlanians is an amphibious race. Their adaptability in both dry land and water makes them even more versatile in battles, they are indeed a formidable force to be reckoned with.

<Other facts about Atlanians>
  • Atlanians has one special biological feature is their large variance in size, possibly due to environmental factors. While average Atlanians are at the size close to average humans, some of the Atlanians, especially those dwells in the deep ocean, can grow larger than a whale when mature. These large Atlanians are called Leviathans.
  • Atlanians has 2 respiratory systems, one being gills, another being lungs.
  • Atlanian Kingdoms remains politically independent even is in "temporary affiliation" with Alpha Draconians.

Hopefully you like this idea!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I like the diversity of the factions you propose.
Maybe we could link it to the Atlantis legend on Earth. Would it be possible that they set foot on Earth? (were they developed enough to travel the long distance to Earth ?)
They also need to have disappeared from here somehow. And how would the legend have born? That means there was humans in the time they went to Earth.

Proposal: Atlanians settlers saw the Earth and wanted to study the primitive (in terms of technologies), but still civilized and organized civilization of the Greeks (I looked up on Wikipedia the Atlantis legend dates back to Plato in 400 BC). They studied for centuries but did not want to make contact, that's why they remained hidden in the ocean, passed the Pillars of Hercules. They must have made contact by mistake, and they thought they might get discovered because the human technologies were becoming better, and because they wanted to study humans without interference (from space), they left, destroying all traces of their passage (around year 100 ?). When humans started to get radio techs in early 1900s, they went further back, that's why we haven't heard from them until the space colonization era.
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