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A (turn-based) galactic civilization strategy game based on My Colony Universe?

Hello @bastecklein!

Although I'm much less active on forums for these months, I do have an idea I wish to share. I had this idea since several months ago, a turn-based galactic civilization strategy game. Now here are the (not-so-detailed) details I have in my mind at this moment.

- What the game idea is about -
The game is about building the best galactic civilization, a rivalry between the 4 powers of the galaxy - United Earth, League of Independent States, Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians. Develop new technologies, construct fleets, colonize new worlds, conquer or ally with other civilizations, build the greatest cities......

- Gameplay Mechanics -

Resources are classified into 3 types: Yields, Special Commodites and Strategic Resources.
  • Yields
    They are resource outputs from any city and colony. Among the Yields, Supplies is for population growth, Industry determines how fast the city/colony can produce, Research contributes to technological development progress, Income adds money to your national treasury, Energy powers local special facilities. Except money, other yields are not stockpiled - only has supply and demand.
  • Special Commodities
    They are rare but vital resource for maintaining obedience of your civilization as well as valuable commodities for trade and boosting economy. Like yield, they are not stockpiled, and only has supply and demand. Examples such as Spices from My Starship and Marbles can only be extracted from available deposits, but things like Rum and Arts does not come from deposits but specific buildings (that are available for any cities and colonies).
  • Strategic Resources
    They are vital resources for building some advanced structures, and especially, building up your military. Strategic resources in my mind so far are Titanium (advanced metal), Uranium (fuel), Crystalline (advanced electronics raw material), Ether (advanced chemical) and Triantanium (super alloy). They are the only type of resources that can be stockpiled, and only accessible from extracting corresponding deposits in the system.

I think the research gameplay would be more or less the same as the one in My Empire. For a common or a different tech tree between different factions, it is up to your consideration and decision.

Military and Combat
Of course, most battles involved would be space battles. But let's make battles on planetary surfaces also count - The planet is only "captured" after winning the land battle or the blockade is long enough for the local forces to surrender. The system can have local defensive forces on land (e.g. militias), and there are some starships that are specially designed for landing warfare (e.g. dropships).

Next idea. Space vessels, no matter civilian vessels like colony ship or military vessels even the lightest frigate, can only operate in limited range where logistics are available. These operation range are normally provided by colonized systems, but if you need a further reach, you can build space stations - which serve as logistics depot that expands operation range as well as a defense station that can repel small scale offensives.

Political Territory
Political territory decides what are yours, what are others' properties, and what are neutral. You can only extract resources in your political territory, and relatively, other civilizations normally cannot have access to what inside your territory. These entities provides political territories - Space Stations, Colonies and Cities. Colonies provides relatively weaker political influence.

Diplomacy and Minor Civilizations
As always for a civilization sim - diplomacy has its importance. Good diplomacy opens opportunities and allows you having access to some exotic resources (without using "much" violence), as well as establishing some reliable alliances that protects you from potential foreign threats.
Diplomacy with minor civilizations would be very simple. A good relations opens up trade with them, a better relation turns them into puppet state members of your great empire. Of course, a bad diplomacy with these smaller empires still have some consequences, militaristic minor civilizations may even invade your empire with their own fleet.

Although the word describing it might not be accurate, but generally..... public order, morale and happiness. Each system politically belongs to yours will have a rating of obedience, which impacts battles occurring and yields in the corresponding system. Luxuries, social infrastructures and presence of some defensive troops with martial law trait (e.g. United Earth's Security Forces) generates and adds obedience. Enemy blockades, sabotages, losing battle and overcrowding are major factors decreasing local obedience.

If a enemy blockade takes place, when obedience dropped to certain level, the local government surrenders to the blockade enforcing civilization.

Using your fleet to blockade your own planets does also lower obedience, but the obedience value is maintained to at least certain level. When things have gone far worse, using the might of your fleet can restore some public order.

Not considering wartime situations, if local obedience dropped to 0, it would become renegade city state, attempting to break off from your civilization.

Capturing an enemy system will always decrease the obedience of the captured system, but would never drop beyond certain level (which if the value is lower than the limit when the system is captured, the obedience would instead increase to minimal value).

Hopefully you like these ideas so far.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I love this idea
Civilization but in the my colony universe AND IN SPACE could be one of the most epic things ever to happen in ape apps and trust me i have played enough stellaris and civilization iv to know
I think it’d be cool if obedience drops to zero there will be more extreme consequences such as a possible civil war and a growing rebellion
my username is eSandvich
I love the idea as well @GeneralWadaling

I used to have this PC game called Galactic Civilization 2 that I played all the time, seems similar to what you laid out, minus the land battles.

Not sure if I could use the existing My Empire engine as this concept is quite a bit different, although I am sure some of the code could be reused somewhat...
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More ideas.

Classes of Starships
  • Colony Ship
    The class of ship capable of colonizing an unhabited system.
  • Utility Ship
    Utility vessels that are responsible for transporting troops and resources, as well as building facilities in space.
  • Fighter
    Fast maneuvering, small military vessels that are relatively cheap to mass produce, they can reduce battle efficiency of enemy capital ships. Only effective in combat when massed.
  • Scout Ship
    Vessels that are equipped with better sensors than any other ships. Outside battles, they are good explorers. In battles, they are able to detect and locate enemy stealthed vessels.
  • Frigate
    Lightweight vessels that makes up your space fleet in early game, but still have purpose in later game to support and escort other important vessels.
  • Destroyer
    The modest class of military vessels for your space fleet in almost all stages of game.
  • Cruiser
    A heavier cousin of destroyers.
  • Battleship
    The heaviest class of military starship. Very expensive, but packs unparalleled anti capital ship firepower.
  • Carrier
    A special class of military vessel that can boost fighter battle efficiency in the same battle group.
Starship Properties
  • Dogfight
    Able to decrease enemy vessel combat efficiency. The effect is stackable.
  • Anti-Dogfight
    Can suppress certain extent of effectiveness of enemy Dogfight effects. The effect is stackable.
  • Blockade Vessel
    Can enforce blockade on a system.
  • Carrier
    Able to boost fighter vessels battle efficiency according to its capacity.
  • Transport
    Can transport resources and/or carry troops.
  • Construction Vessel
    Can build facilities in space.
  • Stealthed
    Can gain advantage in battles in form of ambushes. Can choose to evade battles (does not engage incoming enemies but with very minimal casualties) if all ships in a battle group are stealthed vessels.
  • Advanced Sensor
    Nullifies enemy Stealthed advantage and prevents stealthed vessels to evade battles. Able to explore abnormalities.
  • Colonizer
    Can colonize unhabited systems (consumes the vessel if do so).
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
i think it’d be cool if you could fully design the starships just like Stellaris as research progresses such as weapons and hull material
my username is eSandvich

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