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small idea

Tractor Beam- a large late-game structure used to generate large amounts of rare ore deposits around a central target. The way it works is that occasionally a meteorite or asteroid would pass by the colony (indicated in chat along with an animation in the sky) and the tractor beam would be able to capture it and divert its trajectory towards a selected radius. The meteorite (or asteroid) would create a large pit on the ground of the planet, with the resources scattered in and around the center of the impact. The tractor beam will automatically try to lock onto passing asteroids so that you don't miss the window if you're working on another part of your colony. If any buildings happen to get damaged or destroyed by the impact, your citizen approval will go down.

Also, will there be moons?
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For a small idea: Using the cursor buttons to scroll through the map in a straight line would be extremely beneficial to locating resources and/or setting up new settlements.
Highways: The roads (Pavement, Hardened Pavement, etc.) expand your settlement. It would be nice to have a way of connecting settlements for speed of travel that does not necessary expand the settlement. You see this IRL in the American South West were long highways have settlements that dot the landscape but are separated by long distances.
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