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Research & tech system in MC2


Since research was added in the last version, I just want to give a feedback on that, I think the research system would be better if research was not a resource. Two options:

  • Research power

You select a tech that you want to unlock, and then your various scientific buildings (academies, research labs, laboratories...) work on the tech.

It takes them a certain amount of time before you have the tech unlocked. They could also consume various resources specific to the tech in the process.

Research could be some kind of "research power", and techs take eg. 10000 days-researchpower (unit is days*researchpower) to complete. If you have 1000 research power, it will take 10 days. It works a bit like man-days.

BUT because you can't just spam research buildings and get techs in one day, building more and more research buildings will get you less and less research power per building, eg. power = [log(buildings)+1]*C, eg. 1 building = C power, 2 bds = 1.3*C, ...10 bds = 2*C, but maybe for another base for the log but you get it.

Inspired by @username

  • United Earth sends new techs

Second option : research does not exist, at least in the colony. We were discussing a lot about the lore exactly 12 months ago. There was an idea about the colony being sent by UE to colonize new worlds. Then the colony would owe UE resources. In exchange of this cooperation, UE regularly discovers new techs and sends the blueprints to the colony, which immediately unlock the tech.

Going independent has the advantage of getting rid of these taxes, while it has the disadvantage of having to research new techs by themselves (but maybe also get techs that were kept hidden by UE...)
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