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It doesn't seem very realistic to have a research resource, so what if instead science buildings produced research studies related to technologies on the tech tree. After enough papers are written, scientists will be able to discover a new technology. This would make the game more fun since it gives you a reason to build multiple science buildings rather than stacking a bunch of high research producing buildings together to maximize research production.

Here are a few science buildings and categories that I think should be added into the game:

Physics: this branch of science is focused on how the universe works. You will need a physics lab to research any technology with that requires moving parts.

Chemistry: this focuses on chemicals and their interactions with one another. You will need a chemistry lab to to research how to make new materials like triantanium.

Biology: this branch focuses on living creatures and how their bodies function. You will need a biology lab to research tech related to genetic engineering and human health.
I like this idea. I am referring this idea as one of your best idea so far.

So your idea is, the researches composes of these research points:
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
(Not all types of research points are necessary in one single research)

I have some additional ideas.

Project specific research tasks, instead of pre-researched papers
The research points are only produced when a research is / researches are queued. So you can really see the scientists are working on specific research logically.

Some more research types
Technologies also comes from other types of studies.
Such as:
  • Geology helps surveying terrain and subterranean mineral veins, needed by construction and mining technologies.
  • Social Studies allows us to understand how to run a society and know what people needs, needed by colonial governance and civic service (education, security, entertainment, etc) technologies.
  • Alien Research to unlock some extraordinary stuff?

Hopefully this can make your idea much better!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I like it as well. We very briefly discussed that with Wadaling and Ira a few days ago.
Research should not be a resource.

I like the idea of selecting a technology and having your different scientists - that is, workers in physics/chemistry/biology labs - filling the progress bar, instead of piling up million (billion) of research resource and then instantly unlock the tech of your choice. It creates the need to plan the techs you will unlock in advance.
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Or.. Player will need to setup different building with mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists, agronomists, engineers ecc labs.

Instead the classic tech tree (like in my colony), player won't be able to select a specific tech (maybe only in advanced game stage), if a player have only chemist labs, will only unlock research related to chemistry.

So.. in late game, when we will have a new tech, bast will able to add a new scientist (es. expert in dark mater), everybody will start to research the new tech in a more homogeneous way, without having players with trillion research points, and others with a few million.
maybe there can also be astronomy, which would allow to make better rovers providing farther and faster interstellar travel, more storage for resources and people, and more power production. It could also allow the mining or colonization of asteroids and commets. This would likely mean that research branches would have to intertwine though
Each building could also produce a small amount of research, like food buildings could give biology resource if its plants(greenhouses)
Buildings that turn resources into other resources or refines them could give small amounts of chemistry resources(steel factories)
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