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Exploration thing

Maybe it's just me, but I've gotten to the point in MC2 where my ore production's trickled down to not quite fast enough and I'm having to pan randomly over a distance of several chunks to find new ore deposits. As a result of my laziness, I came up with some ideas: a formal exploration mechanic and highways.
First off for the exploration thing: I was thinking you should be able to bring up a top-down map of explored ground in the s menu once you build a communications tower thing, which will function sort of like a map in Minecraft and display settlements, topography, and resource deposits. The communications tower would also have the added benefit of panning out your zoom to 1.5x its current maximum in a certain radius. However, map quality decreases the further out you get from your communications tower, cutting out completely once it passes the tower's radio distance. Your area of exploration can be increased by building more towers or cheaper, compact radio beacons within range of the first tower, and you can jump between towers on the map just by clicking. Furthermore, towers will even show players' militaries (if you have them) and will allow you to move your own troops to intercept them from the map. Finally, groups of rovers can be controlled through the map and assigned to mine out or leave alone specified ore deposits, all done from the security of the s screen.

A specialized type of pavement that consumes large amounts of electricity and bandwith, but make your rovers/vehicles/pedestrians go really fast. It has some drawbacks, which include limitations on turning and getting on or off the highway in the first place, but if set up correctly, can shoot rovers or construction units all over the map. Highways are also directional, meaning you'll need to build two strips just like a real highway in order to enable back-and-forth transportation.
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