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[FFF] Join Afluna Today!

Welcome to the Commonwealth of Afluna!

Charter Code: dkxyYO8B

Afluna is a rapidly growing commonwealth and is always seeking new members to join. We have a 350% payroll reimbursement to help offset the costs of taxes, resources upon request, and plenty of advice to help answer any questions you may have.

Already gained your independence? Afluna would love to start a new diplomatic relationship with you. We are always seeking new friendships and would love to have you included in our diplomatic network!

I am also a proud member of the First Future Federation, or FFF for short, and would like to invite you to join as well. We use discord to communicate, give advice, facilitate trades, and much more! If you have any questions or want more info just let me know.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to see you soon! Here is the FFF link if you are interested in joining
hey so can I pm you about this? I have a few questions about it, and I don't know how this all works and only have a pop. of 2300... (probably be outdated by the time u read this... it is a wknd after all ;) )
Sure thing! If you've got the transmission hub just type in my charter code shown above and shoot me a message
Hey guys, I've been playing since around mid September. Since then, I've grown quite a bit and now have an independent colony in UE, LIS, and Zolarg, so whatever faction you choose you can join under me! I don't have much resources to give other than my UE base, but I'll help where I can to get you started on the right foot. Here are my charter codes:

(UE) dkxyYO8B

Mad Melvins Uranium Utopia
(LIS) Y76DIiJl

Zesty Zolarg
(Zolarg) tViTB0Pr

And don't forget to join the FFF, the oldest and biggest Federation for My Colony on Discord

I've currently ran 2 RPG games based off of My Colony, and will be running a third game soon. This 3rd one will be based off of the upcoming Colony Wars game Bast has mentioned creating. I don't know much about the game (as it's not made yet) so my RPG version will not have any spoilers to his game (sorry, I'm not a mind reader after all) but I'll give you a quick rundown of it.

You'll be assigned to a faction, UE or LIS to start. If we get enough players to join I'll add in Zolarg and Reptilians as well. Each team will have their own private channel which is only able to be seen by that team. There, they will talk, strategize, and vote to decide on a number of different things. Gather resources, build different structures, hire guards for these structures (or for players), hire mercenaries to attack a certain player on another team. Also, each player will have their own special ability. Everyone will know what team all players are on, but the abilities will only be known by that team. I'm still working on some of the finer details and rules, but if you are interested then feel free to join the FFF, put in your thoughts and ideas, and join the fun! The game is open to all FFF members, Ambassadors, Prospects, Friends of the FFF, and everyone else. So come on over and check it out!

Again, the FFF discord link is:
Once the actual My Colony Wars game is created, I will modify future RPG versions so it is similar to the game itself.
Good Day Fellow Leader,

The Nations of Oz would like to extend an invitation to you, for your commonwealth to join the Nations of Oz Federation. We are a commune of Commonwealths, whom help each other build up our colonies. We have so many interesting and crazy stuff on our Discord. Come by and see.

We hope to hear a favorable reply from you.

Grand Wizard of NOZ

*Remember, we are not a Commonwealth. Come by and see.
The Founder of NOZ

NOZ Thread :
Join us :
As a current leader of the FFF, I cannot join NOZ. However, I would be more than willing to join as an Ambassador
Sure thing mate!
The Founder of NOZ

NOZ Thread :
Join us :
Join him and join the FFF!
...goodbye Afluna... well join the FFF two of the last afluna member are still there and are active so why dont you give us some company
My Colony

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