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Sync not working2

So I posted about sync not working pt.1 before, I thought that was it after I figured some stuff out, BUT I WAS WRONG, Now I cant save the game, I check with another my colony and while my advanced region is halfway done, on the save that FOR SOME REASON THE CLOUD SEES EVEN THO I DELETED EVERY SAVE EXCEPT THE MAIN ONE, Its not even complete, and yes I deleted the saves in the ape apps cloud, then saved on the advanced region so it will get the save and ONLY the save I want, I transferred all manual saves from the directory to another, I CANT GET THIS TO WORK, AND IT HAPPENS OVER AND OVER.

edit: I opened another mycolony, got into the same region and did saves there, and what do I see? SAVES APPEAR IN THE SYNC CLOUD, meanwhile the ones I ACTUALLY want DONT DO THAT, also while at it answer why I cant send gifts to some colonies, while to others I can send even tho they are offline, but to the actually online ones it says " Colony offline piss off"

edit2 - Might have figured out. next time this happens I will see what is with my acc login
You can see what data you have synced to the cloud right here from this website, and you can delete unwanted files from outside the game, go here:
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I did use that, let me explain it this way, the data doesnt go thru to the sync cloud from MCapp1 but goes from MCapp2, If I save on the first one, it doesnt go thru, however if I save on the second one, a new save on the cloud appears.
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