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The Tiny Living Space challenge

Hello! This is the Tiny Living Space challenge. I had done this challenge successfully, and I will show an image later. These are the rules of the challenge:
[*] The game must be finished with at least 400 colonists.
[*] The game must be named "TLS MC1", the map size should be small, and the resources will be scarce.
[*] The player cannot remove deposits, or river tiles, unless they don't have enough space to build.
[*] The player can only choose the United Earth or League of Independent State.
[*] The colony should start out with at least 1 Greenhouse, Small Water Pump, Small Vehicle Factory, Small Solar Panel, Raw Materials Depot.
[*] [OPTIONAL] The player can upgrade the starting Small Water Pump or Raw Materials Depot, into the Atmosphere Condenser or Gravitational Compression Warehouse

Independent_State said:
Earth said:
Make sure to follow the rules or otherwise you will be disqualified.


I have a question. Is the disqualification reversible?

Earth said:
I have a question. Is the disqualification reversible?

No. Anybody who is disqualified and/or violates these rules are removed permanently, and therefore they will not be able to restart the challenge.

Ok. The one with no name is me in a discussion with the presidents of Earth and the Independent States. Now follow those rules or you will be removed from the challenge board! Now, here are the starter tips:

  • First, build a Builder Bot, then an Ore Miner at the Vehicle Factory. Then, set the rovers and ore miners to harvest ore.
  • Next, construct several basic buildings and harvest more.
  • Then, you will get some steel from the Ore Refinery you built. Now you can build gold miners and gold refineries. This allows for gold harvesting.
  • Lastly, but not least, build a research lab and research the basic technology required for development.

    Beyond here, the goals are straightforward.

Alright, have fun with this challenge! Send me a message or reply to this post below. That's it for now.
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
why not build a custom map that way you can have the challenge be remotely the same for everyone?

Be sure to join the NOZ discord!

Just your friendly neighborhood MC moderator!
@Electrogamer1943 responding to you, custom maps are't permitted in the challenge. I forgot to state that.
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
I will now enforce an world type restriction. The only worlds the player can now be on is:

United Earth: All but Water World
LIS: Asteroid, Abandoned World

I will report more later. Thanks!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
Reply below to show your small colony! An image is required for challenge approval. My Challenge Map on an Online Game is:

Have fun!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
i guess your talking about a single player map .but really you also talked about the gravity warehouse .
which is very near end game .
you say minium 400 colonist but state no max .
o and you dont say you cant expand the map . but lets say it stays small now lis abandoned world gives either and has the upgraded hacker camp so if the goal is to get to end game on a small map it would be easy .
really using upgraded labs 20 will get you to high teck fast adding upgraded chip plants say 10 mine gold ore when needed al buy from hacker came .
ooo a week end game .

so that the challange getting to end game on a small map ? no buying resources from trades ?
upgraded hacker camp saves tons of time it brings in every thing 10 of them covers near all resources including tri .
anyway your out line challange is vage very vage
the person can not upgrade basic buildngs ? like chip plant or labs ? or housing ?
if so sure it can be done in 2 months to buy all teck lol
@colbya, there is no pop limit.
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
My small colony example below:
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
Anybody done the challenge yet?
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
My Colony

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