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[Colony Wars] Some ideas


Probably some minor ideas.

Advanced power building
We can think about get hands on some advanced power building, which provides more power on its own, but also relatively more expensive (but with better cost efficiency by per unit of power basis), takes longer to build and possibly takes up more space.
Strategically as cost effective way to largely expand power production, but should pay attention protecting it as losing one will be more likely to put your base in low power.
Prerequisite: Tier 2 tech building

Tier 3 tech
Strategically tier 3 tech escalates battle to higher level which provides tools of warfare that is likely to be decisive to battle outcome.
But since tech lab is already taken as tier 2 tech building....... I guess the buildings can be about higher command authorization of strategic weapons, and of course superweapons.
Such as:
United Earth can have Command Bunker, a building that houses higher rank field officers to authorize the use of advanced strategic weapons.
League of Independent States can have something like Operations Center, a fortified command post that coordinates the use of advanced tactics and war assets.

Splash damage
Something I'd like to ask for.
Most units in the game still deals damage to single target only.
But here I'm not asking for big explosion across multiple tiles, we can start with splash damage effect that damages units in the same single tile.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I agree to all. As for splash damage, I do want multiple tile radius damage, which I will need to implement for super weapons probably anyway. Also I think the Cruiser should deal several tiles worth of splash damage, and maybe in turn not have 100% accuracy.
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