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A few suggestions for MC2 - Page 2

bastecklein said:You crack me up @Architecture1134 , I think you could run the MC1 clothing sweatshop 😄

As others have said, I don't foresee LIS being added to the game. Although, I have considered in the future, once the base game content is more complete, releasing official expansions to the Mod Shop, including Zolarg and Alpha Draconians. Maybe LIS too, why not? Doesn't totally fit in with the timeline, but it's a game.

Spice could be a thing. I do have spice trading in My Starship, which is also a My Colony Universe game. I look at it as more of a rare planet-specific resource, sort of like Ether. Maybe it will be something to consider once I get planet-to-planet trading implemented, there can be a new planet added with natural spice.

Bast, it has been 2 updates. Please add it ASAP. I was away for an long time srry
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
Alright, so now there's the spice world which contains spice deposits, but we have to figure out the costs and uses of the spice factory I proposed. It's an building used for making spices outside of spice worlds. Here are the costs I proposed:
  • Ore: +2,000
  • Steel: +1,500
  • Gold: +750
  • Microchip: +20
  • Food: +1,000
Has 50 workers. Smelts 1 food into 1 spice in 3000 ticks (60 tick w/ all workers), and consumes 1 sugar per 950 ticks.

Architecture1134 said:
A spice factory with a lot of workers. Creates spice on worlds that doesn't have natural spice.

Does anyone object? Speak now or hold your suggestions.
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
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