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My Colony v1.21.0 Released - Page 2

How about making ether a trace product of the nuclear water synthesis plant, sounds like it should have a toxic side effect?

Adding special Buildings would defintly get you income and I for one would BUY THEM.
I bought my colony 1 and 2 and aqu . yes I would definlty collect buildngs .
FOR MY colony 1 .
This is just the kind of thing that would breath new life into my colony 1 .
So I implure you to add buyable buildings to my colony 1 .
you do have a group of die hard players like my self and you would be surprised just how well you could do .
I would love to see a better version of plastic factories, and starship storage in next update, and maybe stats of what a colony population is angry about as well.
Maybe there could be a special skin for some buildings if players are on ur friends list, bast. it would be amazing.
I have some ideas for new resources to be added. Maybe like rubies, sapphires, and maybe even tourmaline and beryl crystal deposists, which the resources obtained from these deposits, would have their own unique building applications. and maybe a dark matter starport would be epic, but maybe dark matter tritanium generator, which can maybe generate millions of tritanium per minute, since it would help us players in late game end up getting a lot of tritanium. And i had the idea as well with the gem deposits, to implement maybe synthetic labs for the gems.
My Colony

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