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Making In game coins Through the Ship port

now you have teck that is 35 trillion one huge thing that would help is having the ship port sell the ships ( as it already does ) BUT for the Trades value .
as it is now the ships sell for almost nothing letting the port sell them.
This could be one way to make coins towards that 35 trillion we need .
as i posted before FEW people buy the high vaul iteams like ships or tri no one buys darkmatter alien arts sell some at times but its hit or miss .
really with the exports being 99.9 its simpler to start the region OFFLINE once you have all teck and enough resources being made sacrfice every thing going online .
right now i am running a region from start on line top see just how hard that 35 trillion is.
going to sell arts and tri then nanits and see how long it takes
I agree with you on this one. Even I have been struggling to earn enough money even though I already have unlocked that.
I had a few citys FULL of simulation unlimited buildings in one region had had a coin income of 26 BILLION a Mint lol
Thing is it took the Simulations Fab teck to do it The 35 trillion coins teck and citys full of the nanite servers buildings . was going to see if i could get it to 300 billion coins a mint or so lol it would take a region full to do it lol .
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