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Ideas before design

As a person that doesn’t make quick simple designs I rather know what people think would be useful or needed in game (of course these won’t be confirmed ,they are just idea to be pushed to bast if there good enough)

1st idea water plant . So many of use on my colony 2 have to build big grids for water but not for power as there is a power plant to fix that .so why not a water plant that would use ore and sugar to run this 2x2 water plant that could produce 1k or 2k water

2nd idea large storage unit . So with mc2 building small but tall towers for storage wouldn’t be pleasant looking for a forever expanding towns and large settlements so making a bigger wider version of storage might be the way to go , this could be 3x3 or 4x4 carrying 500k or even 1mil of every resource that the storage yard has , this would make a cleaner settlement while doing the same job . This could even work for warehouses
+1 for any form of extractor which uses food or Ether
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