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List of Water World Bugs ive found

-Things like forest rovers and other rovers like to randomly descend from the sky.
--All units really suck at pathfinding and will try to go over water and will get stuck on buildings, ignoring a bridge. This is really really annoying because the units will not move or build where you need them to.
-Uranium Enrichment Plant is completely invisible, still uses water and energy but cannot be seen or interacted with at all; can be destroyed.
-Bulldozers will leave terrible jagged cliffs.
-Buildings will not have employees despite having 1000 jobless people and despite the building being right next to housing.
If this forum isn't active, then ill make it active!
Yes the bots do not build correctly
bots just don't build correctly . the most basic function is the bots needing to build correctly. id love to play my colony 2 . Really glad it was not expensive .
as. FOR the love of my colony 2 the BOTs alest need to be able to build correctly .
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