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New Game Concept

Hello, guys. I am here to present a new Ape Apps game concept. This game will be called "Colony Destruction", part of the MC universe. This game will have the same playing style as Clash of Clans.
The Lander is the sole building when you begin the game. The Lander can store up to 1,000 resources at level 1. Your Lander is the most important building in the game, and destroying an enemy Lander grants you an guaranteed star. Upgrade it to build more buildings and to increase it's health

Resources are produced in their respective production buildings, and are stored in your Lander and your resource storages. Upgrade these buildings to increase their production rate and storage capacity.

Ore - Used to upgrade defenses, buildings that produce and store Food, and the Lander.
Food - Used to upgrade army buildings, buildings that produce and store Ore and Gold, to train and upgrade troops, and to produce/upgrade abilities.
Gold - Used to build upgrade Heroes, to train and upgrade advanced troops, and to produce/upgrade advanced abilities. 100x less denser than Ore and Food.

Defenses are what you need to protect your base. You want to place them wisely. Upgrade your defenses to make them have more hitpoints and to deal more damage. These are the following defenses that there will be in game:
[Lander Level: Defense]
Level 1: Pillbox
Level 2: Guard Tower
Level 3: Mortar
Level 4: Anti-Air Defense
Level 5: Grenadier Tower
Level 6: Air Blaster
Level 7: Cloaked Gun
Level 8: Missile Tower

That is it for now! Like this concept if you enjoy it! See you later, and I apologize for inactivity! Please ping @bastecklein about this concept!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
I will now introduce the power system, troops and army system. Stay tuned!

Army is what you use to attack bases. Troops fan be trained in the barracks. Upgrade it to unlock new troops. You can currently train the following troops in the barracks:
Colonist Warrior (Single Target/Ground/Any)
Infantry (Single Target/Ground and Air/Any)
R.O.B.O.T (Resource Overwhelming Bot - Operation Take; Single Target/Ground/Resources [2x])
Colonist Giant (Single Target/Ground/Defenses)
Wall Bomber (Area Splash/Ground/Walls [40x])
Battle Bomber (Area Splash/Ground/Defenses)
Infantry Grenadier (Area Splash/Ground and Air/Any)
Healicopter (Area Splash/Ground/Allied Troops)
Rocket Ship (Area Splash/Ground and Air/Any)
Heavy (Single Target/Ground/Any)

They will be stored in your Rally Stations. Make sure to upgrade and build more of these to be able to store more troops.

The power system is what is needed to run your base. Power is consumed by every non-power building (except the Lander) These are the following buildings to provide power:
Solar Panel (100 power at level 1; Level 1 Lander required; 5 available)
Solar Tower (1,000 power at level 1; Level 6 Lander required; 2 available)
Lander (50 power at level 1)

Upgrade them to increase their power production. If your base runs out of power, you will not be able to do the following:
  • Collect resources
  • Produce resources
  • Limited resource storage (50%)
  • Train troops
  • Defenses will not be active
  • Attack PvE/PvP

Power can be stored inside Batteries. There are 4 available. The amount it can store at level 1 is 500 power. If the battery is full, no more power is produced. You can balance this by upgrading the battery, building more or constructing more non-power buildings. Unlike the 3 resources mentioned above, power does not need to be collected. Also, I forgot to mention, Gold is only available at lander 7 or 8. The lander can both store and produce power, with 100 and 50 respectively at level 1.

==Lander upgrade differences==
Level 1: Severely ruined
Level 2: Moderately ruined
Level 3: Lightly ruined
Level 4: Very lightly ruined
Level 5: Lander fixed, flag of the United Earth on top
Level 6: Walls surrounding the Lander added, except where the ladder is
Level 7: Lander gets a pyramid on its top, flag removed, spikes added
Level 8: Lander's ladder becomes stairs, pyramid top removed for a turret (the turret does 20 DPS compared to level 1 pillboxes' 10 DPS; activates when damaged or 50% of the base is destroyed)

Alright, that is it for today! Please comment if you have any concerns or feedback about this concept! Please ping bast for this concept also, and bye!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
I will now be introducing the World Resources and PvE now. Stay tuned till the end!

==World Resources==
World Resources are an kind of resource that is each special to every world. They are produced by their respective production buildings, and are stored in the Warehouse. You earn them by gaining some when the Lander or Warehouse is destroyed, purchasing from the trader, requesting from commonwealthmates or by production. You can use them to hire mercenaries to fight alongside, trade the standard resources with other players, donate mercenaries to commonwealthmates or to craft Bottles. Bottles are simply items that can have beneficial effects. You can use them in your base, or in battle. However, some do carry along disadvantages. Be aware of this. Bottles only last for a few days. You need 1, 2 or 3 (Hero HP/ATK/Shield) world resources to craft tham. There will be the following exclusive world resources to each world:
Red Planet: Ice
Lunar World: Regolith
Water World: Fish/Salt Water
Forest World: Wood
Abandoned World: Ether/Regolith
Asteroid: Regolith
Ice World: Crystalline
Lava World: Obsidian/Cobalt

PvE missions are in against 3 seperate factions. You will unlock LIS first (50 stages), after LIS stage 25 Zolarg (75), and after Zolarg stage 50 Draconians (100). You will have to withstand some hard maps at the later levels. LIS campaign are the easy missions (-50% building health and defense damage), Zolarg campaign is normal (no buffs or nerfs), and Draconian campaign is hard (opposite of LIS). If you have unlocked the Zolarg Empire or the Alpha Draconians, PvE bases will attack each other, especially your base. You are responsible for attacking and defending your base in PvE. You can watch your base being attacked, but you cannot watch PvE factions attack another base (no resources on the other PvE map are stolen). However, you will lose your resources after one of these enemy attacks your base. This therefore happens in a cross-quadrilateral pattern.

Alright, that is the end of this part of the concept! I hope you like it!
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
I will update this concept. Stay tuned!
==PvE Decorations==
Once you finish an entire section of the campaign, you will be awarded an PvE Decoration to your colony. You will receive the following rewards:
  • LIS: Independent States Flag
  • Zolarg: Worker Statue
  • Draconians: Alpha Prairie Weed
Do note these decorations do not give you bonuses on your colony.

If players choose to be independent, they can declare their independence from the United Earth. For this, you need:
6,000,000 Food/Ore
100,000 Gold

Alright, that is the end of this concept! If you like this, like the first post, and reply if you want to!

To the dev (@bastecklein): What do you think about this game? Are you okay about this?
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
is this like a tower defense game or something? I would have to play clash of clans first i guess to understand the concept
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
bastecklein said:is this like a tower defense game or something? I would have to play clash of clans first i guess to understand the concept

I think it is a td game.
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
But like Clash of Clans
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
Hmm, I like where this is going...
With regards,

Dino, Emperor of Terra Nova
Ok, thanks! @bastecklein should this be a 2D game or a 3D?
Best Regards, Architecture, King of Earth
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