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PDF Document Scanner - Failure to read data

I have been using the PDF document scanner for a while an just recently got my ape apps account set up. Prior to last week, everything on the app was working fine and I could go in and out of projects and it would save and reload them when I went back into a project.

However, over the last week, I have tried numerous times to open a project I had started and it basically holds me indefinitely on the pending/loading screen with the loading bar. I tried to duplicate the project and save the whole thing as a PDF from the main page in effort to maybe bypass whatever the problem is and it says "cannot read data" as the error.

I really would not enjoy starting this over, but can't find a way to get it to work. Any ideas? Do I need to log back out of my account since it was a project that I started prior to making my account?
See if you can export the .pds file from the main page, save it on your desktop, and then see if you can open it using the web app:

The project could be using more memory than the packaged app allows :-/
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