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Network Browser from Ape Apps is quickly becoming the number one network management and media streaming app for Android, but many users are confused as to how to successfully set up a network connection between their computer and their Android device. The following instructions show how to establish a network link using Network Browser for Android and the Windows operating system.

Step 1: Install Network Browser
Obviously the first step is you need to download and install the free Network Browser app onto your device. It is available for both Android and Kindle devices:
Step 2: Enable Sharing on your PC
If you already have a home network up and running then you can skip the next couple of steps. On some Windows installations, network sharing is disabled by default for security purposes. To enable it, do the following:
  • Open the Control Panel on your PC and click on Network and Internet.
  • From the Network and Internet screen. click on the Network and Sharing Center option.
  • On the Network and Sharing Center screen, you should see a Change advanced sharing settings option on the right hand side. Click on it.
  • Scroll down to the Password protected sharing section, and put a check in the Turn on password protected sharing option.
Step 3: Share a folder
This step is simple. Once sharing is enabled on your PC, right click on a folder you would like to share, and select Properties. From the properties window, select the Sharing tab, and click on the Share button at the top:

In the File Sharing window that opens up, select users that you would like to share the folder with (choose an account you have access to) and then click on the Share button on the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Note your IP address
In many cases, Network Browser will automatically discover your PC at this point. On some networks though, you will need to set up a manual connection using your IP address. To find it, open the Command Prompt app on your computer (you can do this by pressing the windows+R keys, and then typing "cmd" in the run window). From there, type ipconfig and press enter. There will be several options that come up. If you are on Wireless, you will want to find the section that is labeled Wireless LAN. It might look something like this:

The value you are interested in is the IPv4 Address. It will probably be something like 192.168.x.x, unless you have a more customized setup, in which case you probably already know what your IP address is.

Step 5: Set up Network Browser
Open up Network Browser on your Android device. At this point the app may automatically discover your PC. If so, great! You're done. Otherwise, open the slide-out menu and select Manual Connection at the top of the menu.

Step 6: Fill out your network settings
The last step is to input your PC information into the app. The Server Address will be where you type in the IP address you marked down earlier. Server Nickname can be anything you want to help you identify the server. Domain will be blank in most cases. Username and Password will be the Windows account settings for the user that you added to your shared folder back in step 3.

Step 7: Enjoy
For the most part, that should be it. Setup will vary by operating system and version, but it should be similar for most platforms.

Need additional help? If you are having problems, feel free to post them here in the forum and I or someone else will respond with help. Chances are, if you are having an issue, somebody else might be having the same one!
5y ago
The 'PDF Document Scanner' did well with scanning several pages through my scanner's feeder, however when I try to save the file, it doesn't actually save as a PDF. Two pages saved within a single file with no file type recognized by Windows 10.

After selecting either 'save project' or 'save selected pages' (I tried both), I get to a save dialog box where I can set the file name, but the "save as type" part the only option is "all types". Even if I name the file and end with .pdf in the file name, it will not save as a PDF. Windows won't recognize it as a PDF with my default reader (Foxit). I can open it with the Adobe Acrobat reader, but I cannot figure out why Windows 10 won't recognize it natively as a PDF. I have registered as premium and that did not make a difference.

2mo ago
Network Browser has just been updated to v2.2.0 and packs an exciting new much-requested feature - in-app picture viewing!

Traditionally Network Browser has relied on the standard device picture gallery app to display pictures. This was normally fine, but often left TV users high and dry. It also did not allow for swiping through a folder full of pictured. This has changed, with the new in-app picture viewer. You can swipe through images, save them to your local device, and even set them into slideshow mode.

In slideshow mode, your device will work like one of those digital picture frames, except using pictures from your network. It works on all devices, but should be particularly useful on TV and tablet devices.

Also, when Network Browser detects that you have entered a folder with a bunch of pictures, you will now see this notice:

This allows you to switch directly into digital picture frame mode, without first having to open the photo viewer. So turn your rarely-used tablet into an awesome digital picture frame, or use your TV to show off your picture album from your last vacation!

Network now detects and has new file-icon associations for .nes files, which are Nintendo ROM's (original Nintendo). When you open a folder full of NES Roms, it now looks like this:

The really awesome part is coming soon though, because I am soon adding a built-in NES emulator to Network Browser! Emulation will work with both touch-screen devices and with a gamepad on Android TV. Now if you have a on of NES Roms on the network, you can turn your TV or phone into an NES! If the feature proves popular, I will look into adding more emulation support. NES support should be in the next update.

Further down the line, I am planning on adding bulk-folder uploading from phone to network, which is a frequently requested feature. Also, I am planning on tying Network Browser to online TV and Movie meta-data databases, so that when you browse to a folder full of TV shows or movies, the app will automatically fetch and display the meta data for you, along with movie posters. I might do something similar for music as well.

Anyway, that's all for this update. Enjoy Network Browser, leave your comments/issues/concerns here, and stay tuned for more!
5y ago
I am having difficulty using my scanner, I have rebooted and restarted several times. My printer works fine but my scanner says "unable to communicate with scanner". Would appreciate any input to fix. Thanks, Belinda
1y ago
I was always able to scan to pdf from my printer using the ez pdf scanner app.
As of recent, my printer is not showing on the list as devices to scan to.
When I click on "add new printer," it still can't find it.
Any advice on how I can make that work again would be helpful.
1y ago
Hello guys! And @Bastecklein!

A re-visitation post of my idea about indoor connection of buildings, today I want to refine that a bit - and wish can have some fresh new discussion.

What's my idea about indoor connection of buildings?
The concept is providing a passage for colonists to move around so they won't have to put on space suit at all times to move between buildings, breathing oxygen freely. Probably providing some buffs such as better colonist morale/satisfaction, and slight production boost to buildings. (Or even enhanced commute rating?)
There will be some extra classification to buildings - Outdoor Structures and Indoor Structures.
Outdoor Structures like drill pads and most buildings that would dispatch rovers (e.g. Ore refinery will send rovers to collect ores from mines), as the name tells, works in outdoor conditions and never need a indoor connection to keep them functional. However, they also don't benefit from indoor connection bonuses, and some of them may need an independent or extended oxygen supply system.
Indoor Structures, on the other hand, are facilities that works in indoor conditions. Most of them can still work without indoor connections (except Strictly Airtight Structures such as colony clinic), but won't be able to operate at full efficiency until attached to an indoor passage. Without indoor passages, their oxygen supply system must rely on pipeline connection; and won't use pipelines to supply oxygen if connected to indoor networks - remember to ensure the indoor network is filled with oxygen, otherwise the building won't work due to depleted indoor oxygen!

Speaking of oxygen supplies, the indoor connection would also be 'connected' with oxygen supply mechanisms. To ensure sufficient supply of oxygen, each indoor network requires at least one indoor ventilation plant connected to pipelines to oxygen supplies. Each indoor ventilation plant supports a number of buildings within the same system; and each building has their own rating of ventilation demands.
For example, each adv hydroponic facility has ventilation draw rating of 3 while a barracks has 2, and a basic ventilation plant has a ventilation pump rating of 15. If you have 2 basic ventilation plants in the same indoor network, you can have combinations like, 6 farms + 6 barracks, 3 farms and 10 barracks... as long as the ventilation plant can support oxygen supplies of the structures within the network.
Like in MC1, ventilation (of a indoor network) is a supply utility. If the ventilation plants cannot support all structures, newly constructed structures in the network will not operate.
Each ventilation plant consumes oxygen at a constant rate.

Damaged indoor passages can cause breaching of the indoor network, this will be very dangerous as the oxygen will leak, and some unwanted hazards of external environment such as diseases and toxic air may contaminate your indoor network, you'll find big problems dealing with a large sum of infected colonists or sick people.

Hopefully you'll like the idea! What do you think about it? Feedbacks and suggestions? Please leave them in the comments!
Network Browser has been updated to patch v2.7.1 and should be hitting all devices within the coming days. This is a minor security release, but also adds one small feature that has been often requested by users. Going forward, even if you do not have Helios File Manager installed, you can still perform basic file transfers between your network and your device. I only have two Android devices to test this on, but I can confirm it works on Android 7 and the upcoming Android Q. Give it a try, and if you experience issues, know that file transfers using Helios still work fine.

This only works for single file uploads and downloads. The new folder upload feature introduced in v2.7.0 still requires Helios, as there is no native built-in Android method for granting access to an entire directory from external storage. Given how the upcoming Android Q is making file access more restrictive vs. less, I do not expect this requirement to change in the future.

Helios still offers the best file transfer functionality with Network Browser, and the two apps work together seamlessly. But if you do not want the extra app installed on your system, and many users do not, you can now do basic transfers back and forth without using Helios.

As always, thanks for using Network Browser! Let me know what issues you have with the update, stay tuned for more, and if you do not have Network Browser yet for Android, check out download links for both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore here:

#networkbrowser #heliosfilemanager
3y ago
The Network Browser v2.7.2 patch is being finalized and should be available for download on all platforms within the coming days. This update fixes a handful of bugs, and also adds a new option to Settings, allowing you to deliberately choose whether or not to use either Network Browser's internal video player, or a 3rd party system player such as VLC.

With the 3rd party option turned on (default on non-TV devices), Network Browser will first attempt to use an external video player. If Android returns that it cannot find a suitable player, it will automatically fall back on the internal Network Browser player.

That's all for today's patch. Keep letting me know what issues you find, as your feedback has been helping catch bugs and improve the app! And if you haven't tried Network Browser on Android yet (what's wrong with you?), you can find download links for Google Play and the Amazon App Store at the following website:

It works on Phone, Tablet and on TV devices. Enjoy!

3y ago
I've used the app successfully before, but am getting this same result. I scan a document, but nothing appears on the screen. Last time I tried several things (restarting, etc.), and only when I uninstalled and reinstalled did it work. Now it's back to nothing showing up after a scan. (The pages go through the scanner, and everything seems like it's working -- just no document produced.) How do I troubleshoot this? (Using Windows 10, PDF Document Scanner v 4.13.0.)
4y ago
I've just installed the PDF Document Scanner App on my PC. I have 2 wireless printers. Unfortunately the program is only picking up one of them and it's the one that I rarely use. What's weird is that I installed it on my other laptop and it easily saw both of them. On the laptop I'm having difficulty with, I know that it's not a connection issue because after installing the PDF app, I wirelessly printed a document just to check the connection.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I love this app. It makes scanning so easy....once it's connected! :-)
3y ago
Hello, funny I ended up here as I downloaded this app off of The EZ PDF Document Scanner connects to my Xerox Documate 3220 just fine and scans standard size pages but does not correctly scan legal docs even after changing the option to "legal" in the program. You'll see in the attachment that it gets cropped in legal. Please advise.
1y ago
Hey @djkline can you do a backup of your project from the PDF posted above and attach the *.pds file here so that I can debug the issue? I probably need to patch PDF Document Scanner and release an update to fix it.
1y ago
I attempted to create a pdf by scanning a document. It created a bitmap file instead of a pdf. I thought this was supposed to scan and create pdf files?
3y ago
Network Browser v2.3.4 and brings a couple of user requested changes as well as several bug fixes.

The first change is specific to TV devices. There is a new 'Video Player' option on the sidebar menu that allows you to choose whether you want to use Network Browser's built-in video player, or an external player installed on your device, such as VLC. You will also be prompted to choose a default the first time you play a video file after the update.

The next change involved a specific request related to volume licensing as requested by user @dominik2357 in this thread, allowing Network Browser to be automatically activated using an .amk license key stored in the /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.ape.apps.networkbrowser directory on the device.

So that's it for today's update. Let me know what feature requests you have for the next release, and thanks for using Network Browser!
4y ago
Edit 1/19/2019: For users having issues due to the dropping of SMB 1.0 support, see the following link:

Edit 1/3/2019: Just published bug fix patch v2.5.1, let me know if you run into issues!

I have just finished work on Network Browser v2.5.0. This update brings quite a few under-the-hood changes, including a migration from the old jCIFS library to the more up to date jcifs-ng library. Since this is a somewhat large change, please let me know if network shares that were working before are suddenly broken, so that I can get the issues addressed.

In addition, a new text filter has been added when opening network folders containing a large amount of files.

Usage is fairly self explanatory. If you navigate to a folder that has more than 20 files inside of it, a new filter input box shows up at the top of the screen, allowing you to quickly narrow down the file list and find what you are looking for.

Finally, several bugs have been addressed, including one where license key activation was not working properly.

So that's it for today's update. Stay tuned, a lot more exciting stuff to come for Network Browser!
4y ago
H3110 guys! (•ω•)

In the insectnoid branch of technology, there’s a technology that has nothing unlocked even you have resesrched it - INSECTNOID MIND NETWORK.
And may I explain something here, insectnoid mind network is not a new utility, but it is how insectnoids utilizes the network to exchange thoughts.

So here this time, I am going to put my ideas here seriously.

New Techs unlocked by Insectnoid Mind Network!
  • Neuro Studies
    Learn to study organisms thinking patterns and mind flow from mind data, without the need to cut you head open to study them.
  • Mind Unity
    Bring unity to the minds of your subjects - Not just letting them know what others are thinking, but also helps you to govern them into a deep-mind level.
  • Mind Control
    To ensure your people obey to your government, brainwashing is unavoidable...
    (Also applies on human tech tree)

New Buildings!
  • Interstellar Alter of Integrated Thoughts
    This serves as an upgrade as Interstellar Pad of Thoughts. But it’s stronger as the utilization of Insectnoid Mind Network is able to intergrate pure and raw thoughts into greater mythical power.
  • Mind Bank
    Serve as an upgrade for the Mound of Scholars. This is the place where pure great thoughts and knowledge accumuated and collected from the insectnoids. Provides high level education by inserting raw thoughts and knowledge into their tiny brains while also produces a minor amount of research and a trace amount of antaura from it.
  • Mind Meditation Hub
    Here you can relax, throw away your daily troubles and enjoy the mediataion accompanied with the chilling mind illusions inserted into your brain. This mind treatment is well known among every civilization in the galaxy for its high effectiveness treating depression and mental disorders.
  • Insitution for Thoughts Studies
    Thoughts has infinity possibilities. This insectnoid research insitution is specialised to have some new discoveries and knowledge from studying minds and thoughts.
  • Hall of Minds
    Establish a government insitution to manage matters of insectnoid-importance that goes into the minds of your subjects. Generates civics.
  • Hive of Brainwashing
    Brainwash your broods with those information you desired to insert into their brain, that ensure they obeys the government (though not 100% effective) - under the disguise of education. Generates civics while provides high level education.

Here’s my ideas, and more might come soon.

Ideas and feedbacks?
Comments please (>ω•)
Hello guys.

A new concept to introduce, indoor network.

Some buildings has indoors, from the standard small shelter and ore refinery, to the laboratory and habitation complex.
Working indoors can enhance efficiency, as colonists can work inside a more comfy environment than outsides, more convenient access to facilities, and won't need to wear heavy pressure suits.
More importantly, oxygen distribution is easier. A indoor oxygen diffuser can fill multiple rooms with breathable gas, instead of each structure requires one. This can save cost for dealing with indoor oxygen, in terms of construction and maintenance.

Some sides of buildings has connection points for indoors interconnection for adjacent buildings with another connection point.
Once the buildings are connected, these facilities will have various buffs depends on facilities inside the indoor network.
When production buildings are connected to homes, the production buildings can achieve higher task efficiency, depending on distance between the shelter and the workplace.
When production buildings are connected to indoor storages, these production buildings can instantly receive needed resources from or store output products to the storage instantly without rover delivery services (depending on what the storage can store).
Establishing indoor network also decreases oxygen consumption. The effect reduces with additional separate networks.
Canteens boosts adjcent shelters' housing capacity.

Every indoor network requires at least a oxygen diffuser and another 2 buildings to establish, otherwise invalid. The indoor network always has a limited size, another oxygen diffuser installation is required if you need to expand the same network.

What do you think?
lp9999 said:If I just scan a single page from the printer feeder, I see a document in the app window at the end of the process. When I scan a three page document I don't. It triggers the pages to move through the feeder and the scanner light moves, but at the end there is nothing to work with. Am I missing a step?

They should all show up, I have tried up to 10 at a time in the feeder without issue. What model of scanner do you have?
4y ago
Is there any chance to get the PDF Document Scanner as installable .exe File?

We want to distribute it to a bunch of devices and this should not happen via the Windows store.
4y ago
steegc said:Is there any chance to get the PDF Document Scanner as installable .exe File?

We want to distribute it to a bunch of devices and this should not happen via the Windows store.

I can distribute the .appx package, but it will only work on Windows 10 devices.
4y ago
I have installed PDF Document Scanner V4.13.0. I am new to this app. There seem to be no instructions or next buttons. When finished scanning the screen just sits there, all red and pretty except for the plus button, which when depressed scans more documents. What happens to my scanned doc's. Where are they?
4y ago
My Colony v1.10.0 has started going out recently and is hitting various platforms at different times and in different iterations. This is a bit of a different update, as there is nothing new to My Colony itself.

Over the last few weeks, I have been busy doing a total rewrite of Web App Core, the cross-platform app wrapper that hosts most of my apps and games, including My Colony. This rewrite cleans out years of outdated/unused code, is more efficient, and should bring more consistency between all of the various platforms. The problem though, is that this project is massive and is taking me longer than I anticipated.

Since the rewrite is quite massive and touches every single function available to Web App Core, I went ahead and published it on my two biggest cross-platform applications, My Colony and PDF Document Scanner, so I could collect crash reports and see what is and isn't working. I know that this isn't something a "professional" company would necessarily do, but I did (mostly) test everything beforehand 🤐

Anyway, you may see several iterations and releases of the 1.10.x branch on each platform over the coming weeks as I work everything out, so you can report all issues you find in this thread.

While I am talking about Web App Core, I might as well give an overview of what I am changing on that product, since it is a large part of My Colony as well. My Colony is currently running on v3.7.6, and after I have all of the bugs worked out on all platforms, Web App Core will be bumping up to v4.0.0 and getting a ton of cool new features that will help My Colony and other products as well.

If you are not aware, Web App Core is basically an abstraction wrapper I wrote starting in 2013 or so that allows my apps and games to use device-specific native functions while sharing the same code base. It's basically what allows me to release updates to all platforms in a fairly short amount of time. It's not a third party library or anything, so I have total control over it's features and capabilities.

One of the new features coming to Web App Core v4 is the ability to fully customize the theme/look of the wrapper. For example, on all of my current apps, the default left-hand slide-out menu looks the same for every app on a specific platform. So all of my Android apps have the exact same looking slide-out menu, same looking title screen, same looking dialog popups, etc. They are all very generic and the same across the board. A productivity app like PDF Document Scanner uses the exact same looking menus and dialogs as a game like My Colony. With Web App Core v4, My Colony (and other games) will be able to have their own customized UI and look more "game" like.

Web App Core v4 will also bring full local filesystem access to My Colony on the Web. This means that on the My Colony web app, you will be able to choose a local folder on your PC or Android device that you want My Colony to use, and all game data will be saved there, instead of on the cloud or in the browser's internal database. Since saves will no longer be limited to using the database, game compression should be unnecessary, and this change should virtually eliminate file save corruption on the web edition of the game. This will also make backing up your data trivial, as you can just copy/paste your save files any time you want.

Web App Core v4 will also start making way for upcoming web technologies that are not yet available in stable channel browsers, but will be coming in the months ahead. For example, installed Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) will soon be gaining the ability to become the default application for certain file types. For example, if you had the My Colony PWA installed on your device, you will eventually be able to simply double click on a game file on your desktop, and it would automatically launch the game (and your colony). Same thing with apps like Voxel Paint, simply double clicking on a .vpp file would launch the app and the voxel model.

Anyway, there are a lot more capabilities coming soon that have nothing to do with My Colony, so I wont bother polluting these release notes any further. If you've been following my work for any length of time, you may know that I really dislike the various App Stores, their draconian content rules and restrictions, their 30%+ cuts on all transactions, etc. My ultimate goal is to have the web editions of all of my products just as capable (or more) than their native counterparts. I am a big fan of Progressive Web Apps, and as time goes on I believe they are going to become more and more indistinguishable from native applications. I am going to continue to be on the bleeding edge of the PWA side of things!
2y ago
pdf scanner suddenly won't let me scan anything but only asks if I want to import a picture or file from the device. What is wrong with this? another useless update that ruined a perfectly good working app?? help please
1y ago
Just joined and this is my first post. Not sure if I am doing this correctly.

I have used EZ PDF Document Scanner for some time and it works well. However, the following are annoying to me, and I am wondering if there are solutions for them or am I doing something wrong:
- when I close a Project, and click on the trash can, I have to do it twice in order for it to disappear. Is there any way to make it so I only have to do that once instead of twice?
- Is there an advantage to signing in when I use the app?
- Is there a support document for using this app?
- Is there a way to upgrade the software somehow, and what is the cost, if any?

Thanks very much!
1y ago
So you shouldn't have to click on the trash twice, I will look into it because that must be a bug.

The main advantage to signing in to the app is that it will sync your premium upgrade to any device you are using. For example, if you purchase PDF Document Scanner premium on Windows and sign into the app using your account, you will automatically get Premium on the Android and iOS editions, without having to buy it again.

I do not have a special support document for the app, only the forums.

There is a single IAP in the app that unlocks all features. Right now the Premium edition removes ads, gives a few more post-scan processing options, and allows you to add a title page.
1y ago
PDF Document Scanner, how does "basic" differ from Premium? What is the cost of Premium?
1y ago
Is there an option to sort items in the pdf document scanner?
11mo ago
What changed? When I save a scanned document it says it saves as a .pdf but it only shows up in Windows File Explorer as a "file" with no data and no ability to open it. I can save it as a .png ifI click the floppy disk, but that is useless. I need to access the document as a .pdf Thoughts?
3y ago
I have just posted the v1.1.14 for the Ape Apps Launcher. This update fixes several bugs related to the x86 Windows edition of the client. It also adds a new IAP screen for doing premium upgrades when you are signed in to an Ape Apps Account, applying the upgrades directly to your account rather than going through the old .amk system.

There are also big updates to the image-import feature used in apps like PDF Document Scanner and Photag for users on Windows 10 x64. The app now allows scanning images using a flatbed or auto-feeder scanner either locally or over the network. The only outstanding issue with this is that when using the auto-document feeder, it will only return the first image scanned. I am working on multiple scans at once, which should be coming in a future release.

That's all for today. Thanks!
4y ago
I am having the same trouble. and i need to know how to fix this issue. please
Update: 3/1/2019 v2.6.1: Vast improvements have been made to the SMB1 mode, if it wasn't working for you before, please give it another try.

I am pushing out the v2.6.0 release for Network Browser, which should be hitting all devices within a few days. This release fixes a few bugs, and allows you to re-enable SMB1 support, if the last update's removal of it killed your configuration.

Turning the support back on is done through the new Application Settings dialog which is found in the slideout menu. This is the new centralized location for all application configuration settings. The new SMB1 Mode feature is there for people who lost access to some devices from the last update. v2.5.0 removed support for SMB1 connections as the protocol is outdated and less secure (and not even supported in the latest Windows 10 updates), but some configurations and NAS devices require the protocol, so you can now switch Network Browser back into SMB1 mode. Keep in mind that changing into SMB1 mode will require a full restart of the application.

I thought about allowing the advanced user to configure more of the available JCIFS properties from this settings window, but if nobody would use any of the configuration options I will not waste the time on the effort. If you look at this link, you will see all of the available JCIFS configuration settings that I could theoretically implement into this settings window. If anybody sees anything in there that they think would actually be beneficial to them and their setup, just let me know and I would be happy to add the options into the app. Most settings are going to be for advanced configurations and should not be needed for home setups, but there is always a network guy out there with a crazy configuration at home, or somebody using the app in a school or work environment, so just let me know what you would like to see added here in the comments and I will see what I can do for the next release.

Beyond these options, this update fixes several bugs and completes the migration of the app from the old Apache JCIFS library to the updated jcifs-ng library, which supports SMB2 and partially SMB3. This process was started in the last update but it has now been fully migrated.

Continue letting me know what issues you run into and I will try to get them resolved. Thanks again for using Network Browser!
3y ago
Today I am rolling out Network Browser v2.7.0, which is a new feature release containing a couple of goodies which have been requested by the community.

Firstly, a couple of new items have been added to the drop down application menu, which is where you can find the new features for this release. The first is the Upload Folder Here option, and the next is the Setup Folder Backup option.

Upload Folder Here is self explanatory and has been long requested by users. If you have Helios File Manager installed on your device, you can now upload an entire folder to the network, which is a lot more handy than the previous one-file-at-a-a-time method. To go along with this, there is a new upload status indicator at the bottom of the screen when uploading multiple files.

The next new feature is Setup Folder Backup. With this, you can set Network Browser to automatically keep a folder (or several folders) on your device backed up to a network location of your choice. The backups will take place every night at around 2:30 AM. At some point I will expand this and let you choose the time and other variables, but that is how it works as of right now.

In addition to these changes, a number of bugs and glitches have been addressed, but of course, with new features tends to come new bugs, so be sure to let me know what I have missed so I can get them fixed. And as always, keep the suggestions coming. These updates came from you guys, so your input helps shape what will be added in updates to come!
3y ago
Hello guys! (•ω•)

Public transit would sound like the next civil service to be added into My Colony...
If I guessed right.

Besides some ideas for the public transit, I also have some thoughts on something similar - Logistics network, which is essential for flow of materials and goods, especially important for industrial supply lines.

Furthermore, it’ll give your wheels more purpose other than assembling rovers.

Here we go.

Notes: different colour of the texts represents they are from different civilizations. As follows: Humans (includes both United Earth and League of Independent States), Zolarg Empire, Alpha Draconains.

Public Transit
Basically like the medical and security services, they serve the colonists around them, which increases the commute length rating of residential buildings around.
  • <Bus Depot>
    Standard form of public transit, carrying colonists around your colony. Requires wheels to keep running.
    Ignore the bus stations, a bus depot is enough to bring your buses under service.
  • <Taxi Depot>
    Taxis can serve as a very early stage public transport... with limited passnager capacity. Also consumes wheels as bus depots do, but at a relatively less amount.
  • <Metro Entry>
    The difference with the previous two public transits is, now it requires no wheels, but demands more electricity.
  • <VaccumExpress Station>
    VaccumExpress is a new kind of maglev train, which it runs inside vaccum tubes to minimalize air resistance, allowing travelling at a very high speed.
  • <Relay Post>
    Take a ride on the large beetles and it’ll take you to the destination.
  • <Shortcut Tunnel Network Entry>
    You don’t have to take land routes all the time. Now you have underground shortcuts, accessing to anywhere quickly.
  • <Portal Control Hub>
    Alpha Draconains even utilizes global-range portals to teleport themselves between local locations - every den and slum are installed with at least one portal. Of course, to teleport colonists safely and accuately, you’ll need a control centre.

Logistic Network
Logistic network is a supply utility. These networks are needed by heavy duty or large industrial buildings in order to operate smoothly.
  • <Logistics Centre>
    A fleet of transport trucks will provide logistic support to heavy duty industries. Consumes a large amount of wheels.
  • <Industrial Metro Depot>
    Make use of metro system to transport goods around the industrial areas.
  • <Transit Tube Cluster>
    Transit tubes does not require many technicians to operate, but it is a very fast mean of logistic transport.

What do you think about these ideas?
Network Browser v2.9.0 is available now, fixing several issues, updating the in-app video player, and also finally bringing full support for the light theme on TV devices (Android and FireTV).
If you have questions/comments/concerns or feature suggestions for the next release of Network Browser, just let me know! The app is updated at least monthly, so stay tuned for more and thanks for using Network Browser!

1y ago
If I just scan a single page from the printer feeder, I see a document in the app window at the end of the process. When I scan a three page document I don't. It triggers the pages to move through the feeder and the scanner light moves, but at the end there is nothing to work with. Am I missing a step?
4y ago
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